This podcast is devoted to the understanding and attainment of prosperity or something even greater. Its sole focus is uncovering how successful, prosperous, happy people, see, understand, and define prosperity.


In the first episode of Prosperity & Something Greater, Rem Jackson, CEO of Top Practices shares the goals of the new podcast and initial thoughts on prosperity and what it is. Prosperity is a more nuanced and complex concept than you might first think. How do successful people become prosperous people who flourish and thrive?

Recommended Books:

Podiatry Prosperity - How to Market, Manage, and Love Your Practice
Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success
The Power of Now

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Season 1

 Tom Foster


Prosperity & Something Greater podcast episode with Dave FreesProsperity & Something Greater Podcast: Rem interviews John Guiliana

Rem Jackson interviews Jay HendersonProsperity & Something Greater, Episode 15


Think and Grow Rich: The Story of Napoleon Hill Your Inner Six-Year-Old Quarantine. Pandemic. Vaccines. Polio. Family.

Season 2



      Dr. Hartley Miltchin: Finding Prosperity Through Balance in Your Life     Dr. David Weiman: The Four Pillars of Prosperity     

Dan Totaro: Enjoying Vigorous Healthy Growth     Dr. David Thornburg: Family, Health, Invention and Teaching