Living our lives, looking forward, and saying “yes” can lead to ever deeper abundance, health, wealth, love, and joy. And then, sharing that abundance almost magically creates even more abundance and prosperity.

My guest on this episode is Dr. Ebonie Vincent. She is a podiatrist practicing in Orange County CA.  She grew up in Temecula, CA in wine country, but attended college and podiatry school on the East Coast and Midwest. Returning to Southern CA, she built a thriving private practice. She also became a TV star on the reality series “My Feet Are Killing Me” on TLC now in its third season. She shares how the producers found her from her social media posts. Her story is about the word “yes” and how accepting what life brings can bring abundance in health, wealth, love, and joy. And how sharing that abundance “magically” creates more. It’s a delight to share her story and insightful look at life and prosperity with you.


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