Private medical practice is no longer for the faint of heart. It's an increasingly complex and difficult gauntlet of paperwork, regulations, and frustrating medical management software that can defeat even the strongest of physicians. On top of that, you have to fill your waiting room and keep it full-no easy task!

Podiatry Prosperity




Podiatry Prosperity will give you a clear path to success, profitability and a work/life balance that gives you back your nights and weekends, so you can enjoy them with your family and friends. You'll learn a repeatable and sustainable process for marketing your practice, managing your employees, and maintaining a healthy mindset that will change everything. You'll finally have the practice you always wanted and will attract the kinds of patients you want to treat.

You don't have to suffer because of highly-regulated and ever-increasingly complex billing and coding requirements. By following the Top Practices management principles and mindset, you can make the money you want to make and live the lifestyle you choose. You'll no longer be a slave to your practice.





"Rem Jackson, the guru of podiatric marketing and practice building, has outdone himself this time. Podiatry Prosperity is the absolute must-read for all podiatric physicians on how to grow their practices into Top Practices. This book should catapult to the top of the podiatrist’s reading list."

Michael King, DPM
Nashville, Tennessee

“The title of this book suggests that prosperity in podiatry is the goal. That’s true, but it’s much more than that. It’s about taking a hard look into the scary part of owning a very successful practice. That means learning business, something most of us don’t know much about. Or we think we can run a business, but we don’t have much guidance. While working through the Four Pillars of Marketing, Rem Jackson gives pertinent suggestions and recommendations that can be used right away. This is a fun and easy book to read and will make you want more.”

Dock Dockery, DPM
Director, International Foot & Ankle Foundation, Seattle, Washington

"We receive little to no business training in our education, yet so many podiatrists are small business owners, and thus, have an unmet need. Rem Jackson has filled that need for so many of us, and his guidance applies to so much more than just a podiatry practice. Thank you, Rem, for writing this book, for what you have done for my profession, for helping so many of my colleagues, and for what you have done for me!"

Jeffrey D. Lehrman, DPM
Springfield, Pennsylvania

"This book contains all the ingredients needed to successfully market a practice. Once you add the “5th” pillar, which is Rem Jackson, you’ll be guaranteed success. The information spelled out in Podiatry Prosperity has taken my practice from good to great and still growing. Thank you, Rem, for all your help and knowledge."

Kevin S. Molan, DPM
Charlotte, North Carolina

"Rem Jackson quite possibly saved my marriage. My wife and I thought we were running our practice, but in reality, it was running us. We were helplessly adrift in the currents of business without a paddle, a rudder, or any navigation. Rem and Top Practices gave us direction, advice, and a compass, and then they taught us the principles necessary to take control of our business. Rem also empowered us with this quote from Napoleon Hill: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” I’m happy to say that we’ve since traded that leaky canoe for a frigate! This book distills all the strategies and processes we used to significantly increase our practice, down to a usable blueprint for practice growth and prosperity. Highly recommended!"

Gregg Neibauer, DPM
Missoula, Montana