Top Practices Summit 2020

Dr. Joe Ripepi of Cleveland, Ohio shares what happened for him at the 2019 Top Practices Summit.

I’ve attended Rem Jackson’s excellent Top Practices annual Marketing and Management Summit each year for over 5 years and have always found them very helpful in my efforts to build my practice’s growth and profits.

But this year it was different.

This year I made the decision to bring my entire staff to the summit. That decision was a game-changer. The team learned so much at the Summit....taking everyone was the best idea of the year!!! 

I took it a step further. As a Top Practices member, I have regular coaching calls with Rem. This year my staff and I met with Rem before the Summit to make sure they were prepared to get as much out of this investment as they possibly could.  And we had a follow-up call with Rem to discuss what they had learned, but more importantly what they planned to do with that knowledge.

We are moving forward with momentum as a team. We’re on the same page (finally!) and I couldn’t be more excited and happier with my team.

All I can say is come to the next Top Practices Summit and bring your staff. It will prove to be your best idea of the year too.

Thank you Rem and all of the presenters at the Top Practices Summit!


More details to follow regarding the 2020 Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit in Denver, Colorado on October, 16, 17, & 18.