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Come to the Top Practices Summit in San Antonio and Transform Your Practice

Three Big Reasons to Attend this Year’s Top Practices Summit with Your Key Staff

  1. Opening Night: The Summit opens on Friday night with a high energy and inspiring address by Rem Jackson, CEO of Top Practices. Rem has been honored by the podiatric profession by being voted into the PM Podiatry Hall of Fame. He will set the stage for the Summit with his insights on how you can market, manage, and love your practice.

  2. Day Two: Day two of the Summit is designed to pull back the curtains and clearly show you how your colleagues have transformed their practices from struggling or frustrating to practices that build and support the goals and dreams of their owners.

Keynote Address: “The Finish Line” by Dr. Marybeth Crane of Grapevine, TX on how she built a highly successful, model practice and designed her exit from active practice on her terms and her time. “The Finish Line” will help you find your path and give you the tools you need to weather the bad times as well as revel in the good.

Presentations by the Top Practices Awards Winner for 2019. Each year doctors and their teams are awarded special awards: Marketer of the Year, The Innovation Award, The Drive Award, and more. These award-winning doctors will tell you how they accomplished their success and share with you how you can achieve the same results no matter how tough your challenges are.

Top Practices is about marketing, success, and working together. See the agenda for day one which includes state-of-the-art marketing strategies, management strategies, and roundtables.

The day is capped off by a networking party before you stroll down to the famed Riverwalk. Our hotel is on the Riverwalk right in the heart of the very best of San Antonio.


3. Day Three: You and your staff need to be in sync if you are going to prosper. If you’ve ever wanted your staff to be “on the same page” as you and are frustrated, let the experts at the Top Practices Summit make it finally happen.

On Sunday, September 15th, Rem Jackson and a team of experts will guide you through three, simultaneous coordinated, full-day practice building and managing workshops designed to enable you to take full advantage of the three leverage points you have in your practice. These will make your practice much more profitable and much easier to manage.

Those three points of maximum leverage are:

  1. Excellent Patient Volume: Your practice needs the right number and right kind of patients in your reception room every day.

  2. High Per Visit Revenue: Your practice must be optimized to provide comprehensive care so that every patient visit produces the maximum amount of revenue.

  3. High Dollars Per Hour: Beyond Per Visit Revenue, your practice must generate the maximum dollars/hour it can. This efficiency can make your practice much more profitable without causing you to work harder.

Doctors will work with our team of experts in a step-by-step approach to understand and be able to execute a plan to raise their patient volume and target the correct mix of patients for the practice, raise their per visit revenue through management systems that enhance care and revenue every time a patient walks through your doors, and increase the dollars the practice generates every hour through strategies that go beyond your Per Visit Revenue.



Your key staff members will be in a separate workshop led by experts who are also working with you to teach them how to accomplish the very same goals: Higher Patient Volume, Higher Per Visit Revenue, and Higher Dollars Per Hour so that they will understand what you have learned and will be able to hit the ground running with you to put these strategies into play at your practice.

No more confusion. No more misunderstanding. No more frustration of not being on the same page.



In a third workshop, your marketer will be in a workshop exclusively focused on how to raise your patient volume AND target the right patients to your practice. Designed and led by Rem Jackson, this workshop will ensure your marketing people are completely in sync with what Rem and his team are teaching you at the same time.


Communication is the most difficult issue every practice faces.

It is truly a common denominator for all practices. The Top Practices Summit for the first time will tackle this problem head-on and make it possible for you and your top staff to work together seamlessly to build the profitable, enjoyable practice you want and need—the practice you should have.

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