How do you spend your time? Do you, as so many do, say you value time with your loved ones more than anything, but when pressed, you would have to say they are not actually your top priority.?

My guest on this episode is Landon Ray, the CEO & Co-Founder of Ontraport. Ontraport is a company we’ve used at Top Practices for a decade now to run our marketing and outreach. It is a sophisticated marketing platform. You’ll hear Landon share how he came up with the idea out of necessity and started the company with, as he describes it, three guys hunkered down in a yurt with spotty internet connection in Santa Barbara, California, to build a software that he needed to run his startup. Realizing what he had in this software, he gave the other company to his friends and focused on what ultimately became today’s Ontraport. This episode is not only filled with information, it’s fun as you are about to discover.


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