They are THE SECRET MARKETING WEAPON you can’t afford to overlook.

SURPRISING FACT: Monthly newsletters are the most effective marketing tool you can use to generate referrals and reactivations. Nothing works better. A well-done monthly newsletter sent via email and the US Postal Service to your patients is the key to your practice’s long-term growth, success, and patient referral/retention.

“Hey, Rem! The 1980s called and they want their marketing ideas back.” I know, I know, I know, I know. Paper newsletters sent through the postal mail seem so 1985. Nobody does them anymore. Actually, that just isn’t true. Smart marketers who truly understand the value of a list are using them more and more to great success and results.

If podiatrists truly understood the incredible value of a patient to their practice, over time, far more of them would market much more to their existing patient list.

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Marketing Secret

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You already know everyone you need to know to grow your practice, and they are your patients. Your list or database of active, inactive, and really inactive patients is the single most valuable asset in your practice other than you and your well-trained staff. These people know you and like you and trust you and will return to you and refer to you for the rest of their lives if you don’t drop the ball. And most professionals do drop that ball. They discharge the patient and never communicate to them again, thinking it is too costly to maintain a relationship with that patient. 




Your bottom line: A monthly patient newsletter will not only not cost you a dime; it will boost your income, more than any other marketing tool, across the board that you are currently implementing.

Quarterly, even bi-monthly newsletters won’t cut it. If you’re going to do a newsletter, it has to be well-done and it has to be mailed monthly. And e-newsletters are a great addition to your mailed newsletters each month.

Here’s why:

Everyone in your database knows you and likes you and trusts you. And everyone in your database has lower extremity problems or knows someone who has a problem at times. When your monthly newsletter arrives, and if it is well written, it’s NOT grabbed from the mailbox and tossed into the garbage can like most direct mail letters, postcards and flyers. It’s not perceived as junk mail. It gets read by your main source of new patients – the female caregiver who is responsible for EVERYONE’S health including hers.

And then she talks to everyone… When she reads…..

When she reads your article on fungal nails, she immediately thinks of her aunt who has been suffering from brittle, yellow toenails. Aunt Betty won’t go shoe shopping with her anymore because she is embarrassed by her ugly toenails. Guess what she does with that newsletter? She gives it to Aunt Betty and encourages her to call you to schedule an appointment. Aunt Betty schedules that appointment and thanks her niece for the great referral!

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Newsletters are your BEST FRIENDS. They are talking to ALL of your patients (and everyone you know!) every single month. They will WOW you with referrals and reactivations IF they are well written.

Top Practices produces 100% custom, incredibly designed, patient newsletters that have one purpose in mind – getting everyone on your list to refer to you and come back to see you. That’s all a great newsletter has to be able to do. And the podiatry specific Top Practices Patient Newsletter is 100% done for you.

How to Stop Losing Referrals

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Each month, your newsletter is written and designed for you by The Top Practices Marketing Patient Newsletter Team.

Then, you can simply...

The Top Practices Marketing Patient Newsletter is produced on high-quality paper, it is four-color, and the template is designed specifically for you. It’s really that simple. Each month, the Top Practices Team will design and write your newsletter for you to review. You simply let us know what changes you want, we will make them (if there are any!) and we will send you a proof.

You approve the proof and send the newsletter to my printer to be printed, labeled, and mailed. Your digital newsletter is also sent to you for email and for all social media platforms. Easy. Done. And working for you!


We produce patient newsletters for podiatrists because we want our doctors to get OUTSTANDING results. So here is what you need to do:

We have all the answers about the program and are happy to explain everything to you in detail. We know what works and what doesn’t and can consult with you to make sure you get it right whether you use the Top Practices system or not.

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