Monthly newsletters are the secret marketing weapon you can’t afford to overlook.

There is one thing that is, by and large, the most effective marketing tool you have available to generate referrals and reactivations. It’s an “oldie but a goodie,” and something many doctors completely overlook: a monthly newsletter. A well-done monthly newsletter, sent both via email and the US Postal Service, is the key to your practice’s long-term growth, success, and patient referral and retention. Nothing works better.

Most people think that sounds far too outdated; paper newsletters sent through the mail just seem so 1985. You may think that nobody does them anymore. Actually, that isn’t true. Smart marketers who truly understand the value of a list—your internal marketing—are using them more and more to great success.

The Key to Staying in Touch

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The true value of a patient is incredible, which is why internal or database marketing is so crucial. Everyone in your database knows you, likes you, and trusts you. Keeping in touch is the key to seeing those people in your office again—as well as getting them to refer to you. After all, people are busy. As soon as you take care of their problem, they will forget about you. If you keep in touch, however, you are the first person they think of when they need help for their feet or ankles again. This is where your newsletter comes in.

Newsletters are not like spammy e-mails or junk letters. People understand that they are packed with interesting information. When your monthly newsletter arrives and it is well-written, it’s NOT grabbed from the mailbox and tossed into the garbage can like most direct mail letters, postcards, and flyers. It’s read by your main source of new patients – the female caregiver who is responsible for the whole family’s health, including her own.

And she talks to everyone.  

When she reads your article on fungal nails, she immediately thinks of her Aunt who has been suffering from brittle, yellow toenails. Aunt Betty won’t go shoe shopping with her anymore because she is embarrassed by her ugly toenails. Guess what she does with that newsletter? She gives it to Aunt Betty and encourages her to call you to schedule an appointment. Aunt Betty schedules that appointment and thanks her niece for the great referral!

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The Most Effective Kind of Newsletter

Here’s the catch: it has to be a great newsletter, and it has to be every month. Quarterly and even bi-monthly newsletters won’t cut it. That simply isn’t often enough to keep you in people’s minds. And if your newsletter isn’t interesting, great to look at, or easy to read, no one will want it. 

Just as importantly, this newsletter needs to be e-mailed AND sent through traditional mail. You can’t just send out digital copies. They will get buried in patients’ inboxes and forgotten. A physical copy, however, sits on someone’s counter, constantly being noticed and read. This is what turns the newsletter into a powerful internal marketing tool that gets patients back through your doors.

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Welcome to the Top Practices Podiatry Practice Patient Newsletter Program

Top Practices Patient Newsletter

At Top Practices, we understand that putting together a great newsletter that is interesting and easy to read as well as nice to look at can be 

difficult. Most podiatrists don’t know how, and don’t have the time to learn. That’s why we’ve put together a Podiatry Practice Patient Newsletter Program, designed to provide doctors with high-quality, low-stress monthly newsletters.


We are now producing 100% customizable, beautifully designed patient newsletters that have one purpose in mind – getting everyone on your database list to refer to you and come back to see you.  That’s all a great newsletter has to do. And the medical specific Top Practices Podiatry Practice Patient Newsletter is 100% done for you.

Here’s how the Top Practices Podiatry Practice Patient Newsletter works:

Each month, the Top Practices Newsletter Team produces your entire newsletter. Then, you can simply…

1. Do nothing except approve the proof and send it to your list. Done. Finished. Easy.


2. You can make changes to the newsletter; add your own articles, photos, artwork—anything you want—and our artist will make the changes for you. You approve the proof and send it to your list. Done. Finished. Easy.

The Top Practices Podiatry Patient Newsletter is produced on high-quality paper with four-colors. The template is designed specifically for you. The Top Practices team designs and writes everything for you to review. You simply let us know what changes you want, we will make them (if there are any!) and send you a proof. You approve the proof and send the newsletter to be printed, labeled, and mailed.

It’s that easy.

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Just contact us for more information about the program and how it works. You can reach us by emailing [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679. We’d be happy to help you decide if the newsletter program is for you. 

Learn more about the Top Practices Podiatry Practice Patient Newsletter


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