You don’t have the time or the expertise to teach, guide, coach and mentor your staff into becoming an A-Team that supports you, your patients, and your mission.

Managing your practice gets more complex every year.

If your staff is STRUGGLING to make your practice successful and profitable they need a coach.

If you are satisfied with your office team but know they COULD BE MORE EFFECTIVE AND LESS STRESSED they need a coach.

If you are highly successful and your staff is great then you really need a coach because there is no ceiling on how PROFITABLE OR ENJOYABLE your practice can be. Even the great Michael Jordan needed a coach.

The Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute (VPMI) membership gives you access to the coaching of Dr. Peter Wishnie and Tina Del Buono who have created the most powerful, accessible, and productive Practice Management System in existence.

The Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute gives you access to the VPMI Library. It is the most comprehensive podiatry management resource that exists and members have full 24/7 access. 



The problem lies in making sure you have a staff that is taught, coached, mentored, and supported by coaches who know EXACTLY what to do and how to coach them. You, doctor, are too busy, and let’s face it; you were trained to be a doctor, not a business coach.

Until now, having podiatry practice management coaches work intensively with your staff has been very expensive. Flying experts in for a day or two can be helpful, but truly getting your office in tip-top shape is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t solve this in a weekend, but you can beat it with the right help.




The Virtual Practice Management Institute is designed to empower your staff to become a true A-Team while you focus on medicine. This remarkable, comprehensive program has been designed to cost no more than what one patient/month produces in income to your practice.


Have a question about managing your practice more effectively?



NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE BY ITSELF. Nothing is going to get better if you don’t adjust how you’re managing your practice. Whether your team is 2 people or 30, just “working harder” isn’t going to solve your frustrations.

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW. Each day that goes by without working to make your practice more efficient, makes your practice worse.

YOUR STAFF NEEDS TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS, and that means breaking the process down into bite-sized, simple steps, making it easier to chew and swallow. In this way, they can manage your practice even more efficiently.



  1. WHERE ARE YOUR HEADING NOW? Take 5 minutes to think about where your practice is heading right now without any changes.
  2. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? – Now take 5 minutes to envision what your dream practice would be like if it was being run like a top practice.
  3. HOW WILL YOU GET THERE? – It is overwhelming to think about making the changes necessary to have a top practice. Remember the bite-size steps?



WE KNOW THE ANSWERS. You do not have to reinvent the wheel; we have done it for you. You just need to get in the vehicle and drive it to where it needs to go.

GAIN THE KNOWLEDGE. You don’t have to become a practice management expert. You don’t have to teach your staff. But you must be willing to not only learn what it takes to support your staff, but also be absolutely sure that you aren’t part of the problem inadvertently holding them back.

BUILD A STRONG PRACTICE. This does not happen overnight, but by using the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute “Slight Edge”principle, it does happen.

If you are sick and tired of being frustrated with poor results because you haven’t been able to give your staff the training and tools they need to run your practice effectively, then we invite you to join the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute. 



As members of The Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute, you and your staff receive all of the following monthly coaching, mentoring, and additional benefits. More importantly, you and your staff will finally have the resources you have been missing that will empower your team to efficiently and effectively manage your practice—without leaving the office for training. This is an ongoing and incremental growth process (not a one-day data dump) that will end your practice management woes. 

  1. COACHING AND MENTORING EACH MONTH Each week the Top Practices Management coaches, Tina Del Buono and Dr. Peter Wishnie, along with other experts in practice management, will be teaching, coaching, and mentoring your staff to enable them to get your practice running efficiently and profitably.
  2. TOP-QUALITY LEARNING RESOURCES AVAILABLE 24/7 You and your entire staff have full access to the Top Practices Practice Management Library, which includes full training modules in all aspects of practice management that can be studied and reviewed by your staff (and you) 24 hours a day. 
  3. COACHING FOR YOU (DOCTOR) TO ENABLE YOU TO HELP YOUR STAFF SUCCEED Every month there is a special program for the doctors in the practice, led by Dr. Peter Wishnie, which mentors and coaches you to support your staff so that they can manage your practice at its optimal level.
  4. A COPY OF REM JACKSON’S “PODIATRY PROSPERITY: HOW TO MARKET, MANAGE, AND LOVE YOUR PRACTICE. “Podiatry Prosperity” contains the detailed plans and formulas you must grasp if you are going to change your current circumstance into what you want and know you can have with your practice.
  5. A COPY OF DR. PETER WISHNIE’S BOOK “THE PODIATRY PRACTICE BUSINESS SOLUTION: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO FLOURISH IN YOUR PODIATRY BUSINESS.” In this book, Dr. Wishnie teaches you how to manage every aspect of your business to make it more efficient. 
  6. A COPY OF TINA DEL BUONO’S BOOK “TRUTHS FROM THE TRENCHES: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO CREATING A HIGH-PERFORMING, INSPIRED MEDICAL TEAM.” Full of real-life examples, this book outlines all the details to creating a high-performing, inspired medical team that’s productive and profitable.
  7. YOUR, THE DOCTOR, WILL RECEIVE A DEEP DIVE INTO UNDERSTANDING AND TRACKING YOUR NUMBERS A one-hour bonus session with Dr. Peter Wishnie will offer this valuable opportunity.
  8. ADDITIONAL ONE-ON-ONE COACHING FOR YOUR STAFF EACH QUARTER Your staff will be able to ask their questions, share their concerns, and learn from a nationally-recognized practice management expert, Tina Del Buono, during two 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls.
  9. TEAM TEACHING SESSIONS WITH COACH TINA DEL BUONO You and your staff will receive a one-hour training session each quarter on a topic of your choice.
  10. QUARTERLY PLANNING SESSIONS WITH COACH TINA DEL BUONO Tina will help your team to create a specific action plan for self-training using the Virtual Practice Management Institute modules.

BONUS: Take Action Now and Receive One Free Hour of private one-on-one coaching for you and your staff. That’s right, we are so sure that this program is exactly what you need to get your practice management on the right track, that Tina Del Buono has agreed to provide one FREE hour of private consultation with you and your staff to discuss ANY practice management topic.



For the first time, it is now possible to have true practice management experts train, coach, mentor, and guide your staff to manage your practice extremely well without having to pay a fortune to fly them to your office.

In the past, medical practices haven’t had access to experts because the training model has been extremely flawed. While having an expert fly in for a day or two to work with your staff has benefits, they are limited simply because you can’t do that much in two or three days - and it costs a bundle. This is in no way a dig on the experts that do this, many, if not most of them, are very, very good. The problem is not the teacher; it’s the model of delivery.

This means you can get your nights and weekends back.


If you are sick and tired of being frustrated with poor results because you haven’t been able to give your staff the training and tools they need to run your practice effectively, then we invite you to join the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute. You can contact us by calling (717) 725-2679 or emailing [email protected].