Looking to Market Your
Medical Practice?

The most frustrating experience you can have is to have a problem and not know how to solve it. Since 2007 Top Practices has been coaching, mentoring, and empowering medical practices (Podiatrists, Plastic Surgeons, OB/GYN's, and many other specialties) to know EXACTLY how to market their practices and build strong profitable practices. Find out about our unique Mastermind Program and how it can help you too.

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4 pillars of marketing

Who Can Help Me with
marketing My Practice?

Doctors don't have the skill set to market a medical practice on the Internet, it requires specialized knowledge. It comes down to "who do you trust." Top Practices' team of Virtual Marketing Directors solve that problem. Learn how we do it.

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Looking to Manage Your Practice More Effectively?

Your practice management challenges aren't going away. You and your staff can fix them IF you know what do to. Top Practices' Practice Management Institute's coaches can enable you and your staff to run your practice so well you will get your nights and weekends back. Really.

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This is the only program of it's kind

How We Can Help You

Marketing Mastermind Group

Surrounding yourself with intelligent people who will challenge you to meet your goals and see growth in your podiatry practice is incredibly imp...

Internet Marketing

Helping you get it done! The Top Practices Virtual Marketing Directors will make sure that the things you need done to market your podiatry pract...

Practice Management

The Virtual Practice Management Institute is a program designed to enable you to get your practice organized, controlled, and prepared to ac...

Top Practices Summit

The 13th Annual Marketing and Management Summit allows doctors and their staff to meet and learn about cutting-edge practice marketing and manage...

Products & Services

A key reason Top Practices is so effective in helping podiatrists reach their goals and develop effective marketing and efficient management is t...

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Running a Successful Medical Practice

Running a Successful Medical Practice

Practice management doesn’t have to be one headache after another. Top Practices offers a FREE book to discuss practice management issues.

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Why Most Podiatry Marketing Doesn't Work

Why Most Podiatry Marketing Doesn't Work

"Why Most Podiatry Marketing Doesn't Work" addresses key mistakes that podiatrists make while attempting practice marketing and then offers a simple, four-step process to grow your practice to become the practice that you wish to have.

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Professional Marketing for Podiatry Practices

Welcome to Top Practices, the podiatry practice marketing consultants that professionals have been turning to since 2007! Practicing podiatry has grown more and more challenging as technology and treatment advances and regulations change in today’s world. Marketing your practice effectively and managing your practice efficiently has never been more important to be able to stay in business and offer the best possible care to your patients. Our team of coaches and marketing specialists help podiatrists in multiple specialties across North America (and even around the world) succeed in the world of private practice so they are able to enjoy their lives and practice medicine without stress.

We invite you to take a look around our website at the services and products we offer to help you achieve your goals and transform your practice from the one you have into the one you want! 

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