Top Practices Coloring Book for Children and their Parents

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We all know the importance of having great relationships with referring medical offices and other businesses in the community. And we all know the importance of children in everyone’s lives. Top Practices Podiatric Coloring Book is designed to help cement your relationships with PCPs, Pediatricians, OB/GYNs, and virtually any specialty you can think of. Gyms, coaches, anyone who works with children, local shoe stores…a virtually endless supply of referral sources.

The Top Practices Podiatric Coloring Book was developed with great art for children to color and informative copy for their parents to read. As they understand the issues their children may be having with their feet they also learn more about the problems that their entire family might be experiencing, and they will learn that your office is most likely the best option for everyone in their family. Designed to be given to referring offices to build the referring relationships, (as well as your own pediatric patients) these coloring books are a great tool to solidify referral relationships with your key referral sources.

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Coloring Book Sample

You can contact Dave Ryan at 717-725-2679 or email [email protected] to get more information.

Remember, that good solid referral sources take time and patience to develop, but once you’ve got them they are invaluable. Keeping them is a key to great marketing.

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