Becoming comfortable with who you really are. Peeling off the layers and living a life more authentic to who you truly are. Finding more success and fulfillment by just being “real” with those we both love and work with. 

My guest on this episode is Rod Haenke. He is a senior consultant for Instructional Designs, Inc. As such he is a “go-to” charter school consultant in the areas of accountability systems, governance, curriculum and instructional practices, teacher evaluation systems, and professional development. Rod's been a classroom teacher, a school principal, a national trainer/presenter, and as a charter school founder and leader he has experience developing instructional software and online curriculum featuring live expeditions including the International Greenland Expedition.

When I met him he was working with the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium on their MayaQuest Program. And you’ll hear us talk about his involvement in their iconic Oregon Trail Computer Program that so many people of a certain age loved using in school. This was early and very fun educational computing.

He is also someone who has learned as much about prosperity as anyone I know. I’m delighted to introduce you to my friend, Rod Haenke.


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