Dr. Peter Wishnie

Dr. Peter Wishnie

Director of Physician Programming
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Dr. Peter Wishnie, a podiatrist and the founder of Family Foot & Ankle Specialists in New Jersey, is in the trenches every day with you and other practicing doctors who are also small business owners and he deals with the same problems that you do. 

Dr. Wishnie has studied practice management carefully for over 20 years he has been in practice. The difference between Dr. Wishnie and most doctors is that he has implemented and perfected his practice management to the highest possible levels.

“Dr. Peter Wishnie has one of the most well-managed practices I have ever seen.” –Rem Jackson, CEO of Top Practices

In 2010, Dr. Wishnie wrote the very successful “The Ultimate Practice Management Survival Guide.” That guide is now part of the core of the Top Practices Management Programs.

In 2020, he published  “The Podiatry Business Solution, “ a comprehensive management, leadership book for professionals. 

Dr. Wishnie is now mentoring, coaching, and guiding his fellow doctors to support their staff as they learn how to manage a medical practice effectively through membership in the Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute.

As Dr. Wishnie says, “One of the best things a doctor can do to empower his or her staff is to stay out of their way, give them the tools they need to succeed, and then monitor their progress carefully. We must understand our practice numbers and know how to evaluate our team. I’m honored to be working with Top Practices to enable my fellow doctors to be successful in the complex and, often broken, medical system that is the reality of medicine today.”

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