Who has planted seeds in your life that have changed you?  In whose life have you planted seeds that allowed them to grow and blossom?

My guest on this episode is Dr. Larry Anderson. Larry is the Founder and CEO of the National Center for Technology Planning headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi. The moment he begins to speak you will know he is a true son of the south.  Larry has served as a junior high school industrial arts teacher, middle school principal, and a university professor. He is the author of multiple books and a pioneering podcaster. He was the first educator in Mississippi to create a podcast named “Think Like a Leader”. He created the first podcast in Mississippi for real estate.  He was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in the year 2000.  In 1994 he was appointed by the Mississippi Governor to the Council for Education Technology. The list of his accomplishment is much longer and can be viewed here.

Besides being known as a good husband, father, and grandfather, Dr. Anderson is most pleased to have been given the nickname, the "Johnny Appleseed of Technology."

Books and Programs:

• “Guidebook for Developing an Effective Instructional Technology Plan”

• “Visions and Revisions: Revising and Evaluating Your Existing Technology Plan”

• The successful audio program, "Planning for Gold"

• "Technology Audit Survivor's Guide"

• "Leading Your Own Photo Safari"—More than 65,000 copies have been downloaded from http://photosafari.me

• “Think Like A Leader”—a long-running podcast (75,000+ subscribers) about leadership in all organizations and life

• “The Power of the Seed” (in process)—a compilation of inspirational stories about the positive impacts others have made upon leaders’ lives • Produced the first interactive videodisc made by any educational institution in Mississippi

• Organized and produced the first webcast from Mississippi of a cultural arts event, a live jazz concert from the McComas Theater stage at Mississippi State University.


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