Tina Del Buono

Tina Del Buono

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Tina Del Buono has been a practice manager for 20 years.  She is currently in the trenches with other office managers like her every day because she manages the practice of Dr. John Hollander in Santa Rosa, CA to whom she is also married.  She has lectured nationally on Practical Practice Management for the past 16 years and specializes in complete practice efficiencies, team building, staffing issues, physician/staff communications, manager mentoring, A/R, collection forensics, and practice building protocols. Tina has written over 400 articles on practice management and understands what you envision your practice to be and getting it there can be challenging.  

“Tina Del Buono has performed “miracles” or almost miracles for many of our Top Practices members. She has taken practices that would’ve been bankrupt in 90 days and turned them around to become very profitable practices. She has worked closely with office staff to change a culture of frustration and drama into one of professional high performance. She knows what office staff need to do to solve their practice management problems and that is why I asked her to lead the Top Practices Practice Management Institute along with Dr. Peter Wishnie. There is simply no one else who has more experience or knowledge and I’m honored to have her lead our Top Practices staff.” – Rem Jackson, CEO of Top Practices

Tina is now mentoring, coaching, and guiding her fellow office managers/administrators and their staff as they learn how to manage a medical practice effectively through membership in the Top Practices Practice Management Institute

Tina is a past President and past Scientific Chair of the ASPMA.  She currently lectures with the AAPPM, IFAF (the International Foot and Ankle Foundation), and is the Scientific Chair for the Western Foot and Ankle Conference assistant programs.