On the journey of our lives, we are always presented with choices. If we are open to this life and say yes to what comes our way, we have a chance to … maybe … see that small quiet road that might be filled with heart and joy for us instead of whisking right past it and never even know that it, with all its possibilities, was even there. How did a man who was on the team that built the original CNN.com end up in a salt cave in New Hampshire?

My guest on this episode is Daryl Browne. I’ve known Daryl since the late 1990s when we worked together at Classroom Connect which was a company focused on using technology in K-12 instruction. This, in the 90s, when people were just learning about the internet and using dial-up modems.

Daryl and I have always been kindred spirits and have always enjoyed a personal friendship that had nothing to do with technology or instruction, but more about the journey of life we are all on.

You’ll hear the very interesting story about how Daryl and his wife built Soleil's Salt Cave in Exeter, New Hampshire in 2017 to ease their newborn daughter, Soleil's health journey. With a web development career spanning 25 years, 7 continents, and several Fortune 500 companies, Daryl has applied his technology experience to giving people the most efficient and effective path from start to finish possible. For nearly the same amount of time, Daryl has fostered a vision of creating a body of work that would help people focus on the power of each moment of their own lives. That project has led to bottled messages (literally bottled in Ball-Mason Jars he calls Journey Jars), mixed media art installations, and several books. I’m thrilled to share this conversation with my friend, Daryl Browne, with you. Enjoy.


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