"In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the knowers remain well-prepared for a world that no longer exists" -  Eric Hoffer

Rem JacksonOwning and managing a podiatry practice effectively is tough. You have many responsibilities, and the complexities of modern medicine make it more and more challenging over time. Many, many doctors and other podiatric professionals face burnout, feeling overworked, underappreciated, and underpaid as they work to keep their practices afloat. In fact, so many people struggle with this, it’s just assumed to be a hazard of owning a practice.

It does not have to be that way.



Thriving Doctors and Practices

Family CampingSince 2007, hundreds of podiatrists have joined the Top Practices marketing and management programs to transform their practices into the ones they want, not just the ones they have. Through effective marketing and efficient practice management, these podiatry professionals have been able to fill their reception rooms with exactly the kinds of patients they wanted to see. More than that, they have reclaimed their nights and weekends, no longer living like they work for their practice and not the other way around.

This isn’t just wishful thinking. For many doctors, it’s reality, which means you can do it, too.




The Challenges You Face

If there’s any constant in the world of medicine, it’s that things change. Some changes are ultimately helpful, while others add increasing challenges, from more paperwork to new models for reimbursements. As you face each of these challenges, you have a choice in how you will move forward. It’s a choice of perspective. You can either:

  1. Focus on the negative, resist making changes, and struggle to maintain your productivity and bottom line.
  2. See these changes as an opportunity to move your practice forward and build it up the way you want.

Most people, and even many doctors, default to the first perspective. After a while, they burn out and wonder why they’re doing this in the first place. Successful doctors who thrive with growing practices, however, adopt the second perspective. They use the many changes and challenges to adjust and find new ways to transform their practices so they not only serve their patients better, but increase their bottom line and thrive.

Chris Kelly

Achieving Your Goals and Living Successfully

The good news is that you can learn. You can learn the strategies you need to attract more and more of the kinds of patients you want to see. You can learn the techniques for reaching patients and potential patients through every possible venue, so they know you’re able to help solve their problems. You can learn the protocols you need to get your practice running like a well-oiled machine, so your staff is empowered to help you and nothing falls through the cracks.

The more you learn, and the more you adapt to your challenges, the more you’ll be able to achieve your goals and live life on your own terms, instead of feeling owned by your practice.



So Why Top Practices?

Helping you learn these strategies, techniques, and protocols is the reason Top Practices exists. We are here to help podiatry professionals achieve their goals through effective marketing and efficient management. Effective marketing brings current patients back to your office in the future while attracting new patients to help you grow. Efficient management enables you and your staff to take care of all your patients and everything else that goes into running a smooth, well-functioning practice. Since 2007, we’ve been developing and refining strategies and techniques in these two areas that really work to help you make changes so you can grow and achieve your goals.

Deciding if Top Practices Is Right for You

VIPThe truth is, Top Practices is not for everyone. Our members are highly-dedicated and motivated professionals, all willing to work hard, learn, and share their best practices and strategies. In order for our Mastermind Group or any of our programs to help you, you must be willing to learn, and then implement effective marketing and efficient management strategies. This does take time. There’s no magic fix. If you’re looking for a simple solution that will change things for you overnight with little to not effort on your part, you’re not going to find it here—or anywhere else, for that matter, because it doesn’t exist.

However, if you’re willing to put in the effort and spend time investing in your practice without lapsing back into old habits, you will find Top Practices is the right place for you. Our strategies really do work, and you can ask our members.

You don’t need to have any specific kind of practice to fit in with us, either. We have members with practices that are:

  • All sizes – Size isn’t important. We have members with multi-doctor, multi-office, multi-million dollar enterprises, as well as single-doctor, small-staffed, single-location practices, and everything in between.
  • All locations – We have members across North America and even in Australia. Big city, small town, middle-of-nowhere, mountains, plains, beaches, wherever: our members are finding success right in their own communities.
  • All levels of experience – You could be a brand-new doctor starting out in your first office or a 30+ year veteran. It doesn’t matter. You can still learn, grow, and succeed, like our members all along the age and experience spectrums.


Charlie Hofheimer


So, why Top Practices? If you want to grow through challenges and changes, live life on your terms, develop the kind of practice you’ve always wanted, and be surrounded by successful podiatric medicine professionals who can help you on your way, Top Practices is the right place for you. If you have any questions about what we do or how you can get started, contact us today. You can e-mail [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679.

Enjoy the journey