Is finding wealth, and maintaining or restoring your health a path to prosperity?

Dr. Tyson Franklin is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology and over the past 30+ years, he has successfully opened more than 20 podiatry businesses. At one stage, he operated 5 podiatry businesses approximately 1000 miles apart and from that experience, he learned quickly that great systems are paramount if you want a business to run without you. 

He feels business education is one of the key ingredients to business success, which is why he wrote It's No Secret There's Money in Podiatry, and it’s why he focuses his energy on Podiatry Business Coaching and enjoys sharing other podiatrists' stories on the Podiatry Legends Podcast.

I met Tyson in 2013 when he traveled across the world to attend the Top Practices Marketing and Management Summit in Nashville, TN. Tyson being Tyson he created and nurtured a number of relationships and friendships that he made at that meeting and has been of our circle ever since. It’s a delight (and you will soon see why I use that word) to share my good friend with you, Dr. Tyson Franklin.


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