Running a medical practice is not easy, and if you've been doing it awhile, you know that you must count on your office manager to make everything smooth. But how do you find this person? How do you train them to lead the staff so that everyone's productive and happy? 


Truths from the Trenches

There's a delicate balance to achieve and, full of real-life examples, this book outlines all the details to creating a high-performing, inspired medical team that's productive and profitable.






“Truths from the Trenches is a must-read for any medical practice. Read this book and learn from one of the best.”
Karen M. Keathley, PMAC, PRAC
Executive Director, American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants
“I highly endorse Truths from the Trenches. I will be buying copies for my team, and I invite you to do the same.”
Dr. Andrew Schneider, Vice-President
American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management
“Steeped in real-life systems and how-to-get-things-done examples, this book is a treasure.”
Rem Jackson, CEO
Top Practices​
“This book is a must-read and should be used daily in your practice.”

Tina Del Buono has been a practice manager for over twenty-three years and has worked alongside her husband, Dr. John Hollander, in his practice in Santa Rosa, California. She’s written over four hundred articles on practice management, and she’s been blogging on management and leadership topics for ten years. Her goal is to provide content that will help the reader continue to grow, learn, change their mindset, and excel, so they can become a better person and make a positive influence in their relationships at work and life.

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