Self-awareness. Compassion. Gratitude. Three components that support and sustain a prosperous life. 

Dan Totaro has been working as a therapist, consultant, and educator for the last 40 years. He is currently a compassion fatigue and resiliency educator and works mostly with professional care providers such as Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Addiction Treatment Counselors, and medical personnel.  
I met Dan through his sister, Tina Del Buono, who works as a consultant with me at Top Practices. Dan spoke at the Western Podiatry Conference in Disneyland a few years ago and I got a chance to hear his perspectives on burnout, compassion fatigue, and resilience.  I asked him to join me on a Top Practices call to share his thoughts and wisdom with my members and it was extremely well received. 

A self-described “child of the 60’s” Dan is a soft-spoken delight to talk to.  Especially about our topic of prosperity. You’ll enjoy this episode, and you’ll just feel better when you complete it than you did when you started.   


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