At the root of everything, Top Practices does one thing: we work with podiatric professionals to help them achieve their goals and to live the kinds of lives they want to live. Our Mastermind Group and our Virtual Practice Management Institute are designed to help you to learn from others who are succeeding in their marketing and management. Our members understand that “a rising tide floats all boats,” and share exactly what is working for them. You don’t have to just take our word for it, though. It’s important you hear from actual doctors and what they have to say about what they’ve learned from the Mastermind group and Top Practices as a whole.


We Help Practices Grow

Most medical professionals want to grow their practices. But doing so can be overwhelming. At Top Practices, we know for a fact your practice doesn’t have to frustrate and stress you. Effective marketing and efficient practice management enables practices to grow and stay on top of the tidal wave of work that comes with practicing podiatry today. We work directly with doctors to establish plans and put our techniques and strategies into place to better market themselves and manage their practices to achieve their goals.

We Don’t Play Games with Our Claims

We believe strongly in the techniques and strategies we’ve developed. We also believe you should only be a member if you find what we offer really works for you, so we don’t have any minimum contracts or membership time periods. If we aren’t helping you, you can leave at any time simply by telling us you’d like to do so.

However, we also know that what we do does help—many of our members joined when we started in January 2007 and are still here and participating.

Marketing or managing your practice doesn’t have to be frustrating, and it shouldn’t cost you in the end. Your return should be far greater than anything you invest.

We Have What Your Practice Needs

Here’s the thing: most podiatrists don’t know how to market a practice or what they need. Just as detrimental, many practices do not have effective and efficient management systems in place to handle growth when it happens. These were not such serious problems in the past. It used to be that you could put up a sign, advertise in the yellow pages, and see a steady stream of patients throughout your career. That is no longer the case. Many doctors are left feeling like they’re throwing money away on ads and programs that simply aren’t making a difference.

We help professionals like you take charge of their marketing and turn it from shouting into the ad-saturated culture to targeted communication to people who actually need you. From regular calls and meetings with the Mastermind group to using the tools we have created, we help you get what you need to see the growth you want.

If You Don’t Make Changes, Nothing Will Change

Here’s something that should be a no-brainer, but many doctors don’t take to heart: if you don’t make any changes to the way you’re practicing now, nothing will ever change. Implementing Top Practices strategies and techniques is challenging, but you’re not going to see growth without changing something. If you continue on exactly as you are now, your practice and current frustrations will stay the same. Don’t put this off until tomorrow. See what we can do for you today.

If you’re willing to make changes and ready to see real growth in your practice so you can live the life you want to live, contact us. We’re already working with hundreds of doctors across the United States and even around the world. Call Top Practices at (717) 725-2679 for more information, or e-mail us at [email protected].

Marketing Mastermind GroupMarketing Mastermind Group

Surrounding yourself with intelligent people who will challenge you to meet your goals and see growth in your podiatry practice is incredibly important. That is why the Top Practices Medical Marketing Mastermind Group exists.

Practice ManagementPractice Management

The Virtual Practice Management Institute is a program designed to enable you to get your practice organized, controlled, and prepared to accept ANY level of business because your level of practice management is so high. 

Top Practices Summit

The Annual Marketing and Management Summit allows doctors and their staff to meet and learn about cutting-edge practice marketing and management from experienced experts and fellow physicians.

Products & ServicesProducts & Services

A key reason Top Practices is so effective in helping podiatrists reach their goals and develop effective marketing and efficient management is the number of products and resources we have available for our Mastermind group members.