Is prosperity found in our lives through the pursuit of balance in our health, work, family, and interests? How important is fun and a pursuit of joy in our prosperity?

My guest on this episode is Dr. Hartley Miltchin. He’s been in private podiatry practice for 39 years. He first attended the University of Toronto and then graduated from the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine.  He spent 3 years in Chicago learning minimally invasive surgical procedures from one of the first pioneers.  And then he returned to TOEronto and has been practicing as a solo practitioner ever since.  He is considered a leader in minimally invasive foot surgery and is one of 10 master trainers in the world.  Hartley has created a highly successful and very creative practice, concentrating on bunion corrections, hence he is known as the Bunion King.  He is extremely innovative in practice management and is always eager to share his techniques as well as his procedures on his YouTube channel Doctor Toe

He is also a delight. You’ll hear about his remarkable shoe collection which he has been amassing for years. 

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