SURPRISING FACT: After your website, monthly newsletters are the most effective marketing tool you can use to generate referrals and reactivations. Nothing works better. A well-done monthly newsletter sent via email and the US Postal Service to your client list is the key to your practice’s long-term growth, success, and client referral/retention.

“Hey, Rem! The 1980s called and they want their marketing ideas back.” I know, I know, I know, I know. Paper newsletters sent through the postal mail seem so 1985. Nobody does them anymore. Actually, that just isn’t true. Smart marketers who truly understand the value of a list are using them more and more to great success and results.

Please stick with me for a moment and consider this:

If lawyers truly understood the incredible value of a client to their practice, over time, far more of them would market much more to their existing list. 



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Let’s examine that for a moment. Think about your own current referral patterns and how much business that brings to the practice. Do the calculation on what those referrals have contributed to your revenues over the last two or three years. If you are like every other practice in the country, this number is a significant contributor (if not the main contributor) to your revenues and profits. Word of mouth is still the single best marketing channel every law practice, every professional practice, and every business has. Why then do we ignore our top source of new business?

The answer is a misunderstanding about the value of our list. When you see how much your word of mouth contributes to your bottom line, then the only question is “how can I significantly improve the results (new clients) I can get?”

There is only one way to do that –nurture your relationship with your list. Keep yourself top of mind with them. Remind them that you are their lawyer. Remind them regularly what you do and teach them about the areas of practice you offer that they would never know about if you didn’t teach them.




Your bottom line: A monthly client newsletter will not only not cost you a dime; it will boost your income, more than any other marketing tool, across the board that you are currently implementing.

Quarterly, even bi-monthly newsletters won’t cut it. If you’re going to do a newsletter, it has to be well-done and it has to be sent monthly by email, shared on all your social media platforms, as well as printed and mailed.

Here’s why:

Everyone in your database knows you and likes you and trusts you. And everyone in your database has legal problems or knows someone who has legal problems at times. When your monthly newsletter arrives, and if it is well written, it’s NOT grabbed from the mailbox and tossed into the garbage can like most direct mail letters, postcards, and flyers. It’s not perceived as junk mail. If your subject lines are good it gets read online just the same It just gets read by your main source of new clients – the people who already know, like, and trust you.

And they talk to everyone.


Newsletters are your BEST FRIENDS. They are talking to ALL of your clients (and everyone you know!) every single month. They will WOW you with referrals and reactivations IF they are well written.

You may not know this, but Top Practices already produces thousands of client newsletters for attorneys every single month and has been since 2008.


The Top Practices Legal Newsletter is produced on high-quality paper, it is four-color, and the template is designed specifically for you. It’s really that simple. Each month, the Top Practices Team will design and write your newsletter for you to review. You simply let us know what changes you want, we will make them (if there are any!) and we will send you a proof.

You approve the proof and send the newsletter to our printer to be printed, labeled, and mailed. You can also get the digital version you can use with all of your online marketing. Simple. Easy. Done!

It's truly that easy.



We look forward to serving you for years to come.

Dedicated to your success,



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