Podiatrists have long had difficulty finding a resource that addresses their specific needs to manage their practice as a business. That's right--you're not only a medical provider; you're a business owner, the CEO of your own organization. If you've been frustrated about the amount of money you take home versus the number of hours you work, this book is for you.

The Podiatry Practice Business SolutionThe Podiatry Practice Business Solution will teach you how to manage every aspect of your business to make it more efficient, from hiring your "A" team, to focusing on your practice goals, to evaluating the numbers - all for the purpose of being much more profitable. You'll learn everything you need to know to be a successful businessperson who practices podiatry.

The goal is to love your life. And if you don't love your podiatry practice--if it's actually sucking the life out of you instead of energizing you--then you can't love the rest of your life. Learn from Dr. Peter Wishnie how you can run a profitable podiatry practice AND get your nights and weekends back!



"In reviewing The Podiatry Practice Business Solution by Dr. Peter Wishnie, one thing struck me: Why wasn't this book available when I started practice? Too often, books like this are based on theory or supposition. Dr. Wishnie is a practicing podiatrist who, whether in his practice or in those with whom he has consulted, has seen it all. You can hear his experience flowing off the page.

If you've ever heard Dr. Wishnie speak, you can picture him sitting next to you and carefully explaining the steps to take to improve your practice. I recommended this book for everyone in private practice, whether you're a new practitioner or a seasoned veteran, whether you're struggling or think everything is running perfectly. Everyone will benefit from reading this book."

--Andrew Schneider, DPM

Vice President, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management


"I've been in practice for more than forty years. Growing and developing a practice would have been much easier if I'd had a copy of Dr. Wishnie's book, The Podiatry Practice Business Solution. If I was asked to suggest the two best books on practice promotion and practice success, I'd recommend buying this book and reading it twice!"

--Dr. Neil Baum, Professor of Urology

Tulane Medical School


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