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  • October 2022 Newsletter Top Practices is the home for podiatrists who are willing to do the work of marketing and managing their private practice so that they and their family, their staff, and their patients can reap the rewards.
  • August 2022 Newsletter No one can be successful by themselves. Associating with likeminded people who aren’t focused on the latest piece of bad news, but rather success in their personal and professional life can be the antidote to the litany of bad news.
  • July 2022 Newsletter Far too many podiatrists come to this stage in their career and do not prepare only to discover their practice isn’t worth much. That does not have to be your future. This program will ensure you know exactly what you need to accomplish to maximize the value of your practice when the time comes.
  • May 2022 Newsletter I Don’t Have a Magic Wand or a “Purple Pill” I Have Something Much, MUCH Better
  • April 2022 Newsletter The pendulum is always swinging in business and in life and it is now definitively swinging back in full favor of private practice. The naysayers were wrong. You have an opportunity to truly succeed IF you have a plan and execute on that plan. “This Top Practices Summit is designed to position you for significantly higher profits, massive success, and real enjoyment in your career even in this uncertain time. If you are building, buying, starting your practice, or even planning your exit, the Summit is designed specifically for you.
  • March 2022 Newsletter The Fast-Fill Formula Advanced Marketing Meeting and Bootcamp
  • February 2022 Newsletter Every doctor needs a team that pushes them forward; never pulling them back or slowing them down. And in spite of the enormous challenges we all face in hiring quality team members IT CAN AND IS BEING DONE NOW in February 2022. It’s not luck, it’s not magic, and it’s not a miracle that this happens. It’s a well-thought, thorough plan that just works.
  • January 2022 Newsletter January 2022: Come to Las Vegas and Transform Your Practice
  • October 2021 Newsletter The great Napoleon Hill said, “No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand.”
  • August 2021 Newsletter Have you ever noticed how the pundits are almost always wrong?
  • July 2021 Newsletter Every podiatrist wants more leads. And, sure, there are lots of things you can do to improve the leads you get from your website and other marketing efforts. However, there’s only one “perfect” way to get more “perfect” leads for your practice. And that’s to actually understand the leads you want to attract.
  • May 2021 Newsletter The Future of Private Practice in Podiatry is Bright. Very Bright Indeed. If you plan to practice for at least the next five years (or 30) you must be at this Top Practices Summit.
  • April 2021 Newsletter The Coming Revolution in Private Practice
  • February 2021 Newsletter You might be missing out on the one thing that can help you truly make your practice better and more profitable.
  • January 2021 Newsletter 2021 has arrived! Are you ready?
  • December 2020 Newsletter There are three key areas of focus that need to be a part of the practice’s normal function in order to develop a strong work team, a team that wants to follow their leader. The acronym for these areas is A.C.T.
  • November 2020 Newsletter Does having money make you happy? The answer is “yes and no.”
  • October 2020 Newsletter “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”- Napoleon Hill It has been a true labor of love and joy for me to have introduced Napoleon Hill and his 17 Principles of Success to so many people.
  • September 2020 Newsletter Top Practices Marketing & Management Summit: A 6-Day Virtual Conference - October 15-20, 2020