“You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most.” – Jim Rohn

The people who surround you inevitably influence you. That is why surrounding yourself with intelligent people who will challenge you to meet your goals and see growth and success in your podiatry practice is incredibly important. That is also why the Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group exists.

A Quick Definition: The Mastermind

The Power of a Mastermind GroupThe concept of the Mastermind group is a classic business strategy. It was originally described in the early 20th century by the legendary business genius, Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich. The idea is that, when motivated and creative professionals striving for excellence in a field of business meet together on a regular basis, they have a “meeting of minds.” This creates a “master mind” that allows them to brainstorm creative solutions to problems and challenges that the individual members wouldn’t have imagined on their own.

The possibilities are almost endless, and this concept has helped revolutionize the way many professionals do business. The Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group is doing the same thing for podiatry professionals now.

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Meeting with Like-Minded Professionals

Comprising members from all over the United States, the group meets through regular phone calls to share their ideas and challenges, as well as to brainstorm solutions. When you join, you are able to benefit from the experience of professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. The possibilities of this are impressive.

Young doctors can learn from professionals who have been in practicing for decades. Older doctors can benefit from the energy and fresh perspectives of those new to practicing. Offices in one area of the country can learn what works for practices on the opposite end of the US and adapt plans for their unique situations. The most brilliant and successful minds in medicine work together to find new, creative ways to effectively market their practices.


Why the Mastermind Group Works

The Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group works because all members openly share their challenges as well as the strategies that have—and have not—worked for them. Members encourage each other to follow through and make changes to reach their goals. As we like to say, “a rising tide floats all boats.” All members benefit from this sharing, not only because they are able to learn from each other, but because they are able to build off of each other. This isn’t just a theory, either. We’ve seen it, and the successes it can contribute to, in our own members.

Join the Group and See the Real Difference

The Top Practices Mastermind Group may be exactly what you need to see real growth in your practice. The group isn’t for everyone, though. Mastermind membership only benefits those medical professionals who actively participate and contribute to the group. If you’re looking for quick fixes, or are hoping for a “silver bullet” solution for your marketing, you’re not going to find it. If you’re willing to do the hard work of making changes and investing in your practice marketing, however, the Mastermind group will help you along the way.

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