Have you ever thought - I’d like to retire when I’m still young? Maybe your early 50’s or earlier? 

 In 2007 I met Doctor Marybeth Crane and she became one of the earliest and most successful Top Practices members in the history of the company. Dr. Crane opened her podiatry practice in Grapevine, TX in 1997 with her mother answering the phone. When she retired at age 52 on Dec 31, 2020, her practice had become the multi-million dollar, Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas (FAANT) with 2 offices, 6 doctors, and 40 employees. 

A long-time competitive distance runner, Dr. Crane keynoted the Top Practices Annual Marketing and Management Summit in 2019. In that address, she shared how she faced down a seemingly endless series of challenges that threatened to break her spirit and bankrupt her practice, to now prepare for her exit from private practice on her own terms. 

Jeff Bezos said, “Time and 10 years make an overnight success.” Marybeth wholeheartedly agrees. What people see at FAANT is the visible tip of the iceberg—the growth and success. What is not visible is the 95% below—the focus, systems, and the blood, sweat, and tears it took to achieve that success. It’s the same for distance runners. Crossing the finish line with a personal best is the reward and the most visible moment in the run, but what no one sees is the dedication, consistent focus, and effort it took to succeed. Now retired, and with a clear eye about prosperity as she defines it, I sat down with Marybeth and explored her view of prosperity. 


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