A key reason Top Practices is so effective in helping doctors reach their goals and develop effective marketing and efficient management is the number of products and resources we have available for our Mastermind group members. These products and resources were designed specifically with podiatry professionals in mind and can be adjusted to fit your unique practice.

Our Featured Services and Products

Mastermind Group

The Top Practices Mastermind group program is at the center of everything we do for podiatry professionals. Based on the concept of the Mastermind put forward by business genius Napoleon Hill, it builds on the idea that many minds are better than one. Groups meet regularly to discuss challenges and ideas to meet them, allowing everyone to learn from each other and the most brilliant minds in medicine. Keeping you accountable to your goals, the Mastermind group is designed to push you to succeed and thrive in a community of like-minded professionals.

Virtual Practice Management Institute

Managing a podiatric practice is complex and challenging, but it doesn’t have to frustrating. It is possible for you to effectively and effortlessly manage your practice with a well trained “A-Team” to support you. The Top Practices Practice Management Institute, led by Dr. Peter Wishnie and Tina DelBuono, is designed to empower your staff, allowing you to focus on medicine. Find out more about this comprehensive program today.

Patient Newsletter Program

Monthly patient newsletters can be one of your most valuable tools for getting patients to return to your office in the future and bring new patients in your doors. Unfortunately, most practices don’t have the time or resources to put together a truly high-quality newsletter that’s interesting to read and valuable to your patients. The Top Practices Patient Newsletter Program makes producing a monthly patient generating newsletter each and every month easy and effortless. Every month we produce a high-quality, customizable newsletter that is branded for your practice. You can then send physical and electronic copies to your patient list. Learn more about the program.

Customizable Books and Follow-up Campaigns

Authoring a book is a great way to build authority and grow your patient list over time—but most podiatrists don’t have time to write a book, much less plan a marketing campaign to supplement it. Top Practices has a whole list of books that you can easily customize for your unique practice, along with 18-step marketing campaign to back them up. These slow-drip marketing tools have a higher than normal return on investment, which is why many of our members already use one or more. To learn more about this program, or contact us, please fill out our contact form, or call us at (717) 725-2679.

Additional Products Our Members Have Access To

The Mindset of Successful Professionals

Successful podiatry professionals and business people in all fields use key strategies to help them succeed. Rem Jackson, heavily influenced by business legend Napoleon Hill, along with years of experience, identifies these strategies, habits and attitudes to develop the Mindset of Successful Professionals program. This program covers what you need to know and learn to succeed. Dozens of doctors have already used this program to change the course of their professional and personal lives. Learn more about this or order this program today to begin your path to a successful mindset.

Rem’s Copywriters Workshop

Copywriting is an essential tool for practice marketing—but you can’t just write any webpage or blog and expect it to be effective. You need to produce copy that actually works to fulfill its purpose. This is important – you want your content to persuade people to take an action. If it doesn’t do that, it’s useless. But how can professionals who’ve never studied marketing produce the content they need? Rem Jackson’s copywriting course helps you learn the components you need to know and teach you how to master the skills. Check out more about this program or grab an order form to get started.

Patient Recall Campaigns

Our members have access to many different types of patient recall campaigns. You know that getting a patient to return to your office after you’ve seen them is just as important as bringing new patients in the door—and in some cases, even more so. But many patients forget about you as soon as you’ve solved their problem and don’t follow-up with you in the future. Recall campaigns are fully automatic programs tied to your marketing database to help you contact current patients to remind them to return after a specific length of time. 

Excellent Resources We Recommend

We have other great resources that you can use or access at any time, too:

  • Top Practices Must Read List – Rem Jackson has curated this enormous list of excellent business and marketing books over many years. Want to invest in your personal and professional growth? Start with these books.
  • Top Practices Monthly Newsletter – The Top Practices newsletter goes out monthly and is packed with stories, articles, and practical tips about marketing and practice management.

Any of our books, products, or other resources can be valuable tools for helping you go above and beyond in your practice with your growth and meeting your goals. Many of our Mastermind members have already put them to good use and seen a real difference. If you’re interested in any of our resources, or you’d like to join one of our Mastermind groups, let us know! You can reach us by calling (717) 725-2679, or by e-mailing [email protected]

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