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In your medical practice, you need to get to the root of the problem or to the core of the change that needs to be made to begin re-construction in order to build a stronger frame for your practice to grow in.

Knowing where to start and how to lay a strong foundation can be difficult especially since you need to continue to keep your doors open and see your patients every day.

This course has the blueprints and instructions to help you begin or redesign the practice you really desire from the foundation up.


Working more is no longer working for today‚Äôs doctors. Putting in more hours does not lead to more money and definitely does not lead to more time. Doctors today are overworked and overstressed. 

As a doctor, you were never taught how to run an efficient practice. You are spending more time in the practice while earning less. It is time, doctor, to reclaim your life and learn how to make more money while having more time.


Did you realize that every time there is a failure to collect copayments, balances, and deductible portions at the time of the patient's visit that the dollar amount is actually less collecting it later?

What if you could collect what is due to the practice upfront when the patient comes in for their visit?  Not only would your income increase but also your outstanding accounts receivables from your patient would vanish!


What is the purpose of your phone?

Only one thing and that is to make an appointment - that is it, nothing else. Do you really know if your staff is making an appointment every time a prospective patient calls?


Frontline Phone Coaching Course

Are you losing money each time your phone is answered?

Patients make impressions every time they call your office. Do you know what that service is like?