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This resource is provided to the members of the Top Practices Mastermind Group. As you scroll down the page you will see that the library is divided into sections (in Orange). In each section you will find documents and recordings that will help you get a Quick Start on achieving your marketing goals and objectives.





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  • Podiatry Mastermind Group Application Information on membership in Top Practices Mastermind Group
  • Millennial Call with Rem Jackson and Dave Frees: Part II Rem and Dave complete Part II of successfully communicating with people who aren't in your age co-hort. There are great and many differences in how Boomers were raised, how Generation X’ers were raised, and how Millennial’s were raised and see the world. Our core values are exactly the same, but how we approach, in this case, our work, IS different.
  • Millennial Call with Rem Jackson and Dave Frees: Part I The trials and tribulations created by perceived generational differences are plaguing many of our members. So often I hear “Well, he or she is a Millennial...that explains it.” What!?! You can’t judge people by classifications, not even generational. You can only judge people one person at a time. Having said that, there are great and many differences in how Boomers were raised, how Generation X’ers were raised, and how Millennials were raised and see the world. Our core values are exactly the same, but how we approach, in this case, our work IS different. Rem and Dave Frees sort out the whole issue and give you specific strategies you can institute immediately to get your office on track and happily humming right along!
  • Internal Marketing Marketing to your list of current and potential patients is an important strategy for growth. Rem Jackson explains internal marketing.
  • External Marketing External marketing looks the most like traditional advertising, but done right it can work well. Rem Jackson explains this marketing pillar.
  • Referral Marketing Word-of-mouth is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Rem Jackson explains how to use and build a referral marketing strategy.
  • Successfully Marketing a Podiatry Practice Online Internet marketing is a necessary part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Rem describes why you need it and what it actually means.
  • Practice Marketing for OB/GYNs As challenging as practicing medicine can be, Rem Jackson explains how OB/GYNs can grow their practices and succeed.
  • Marketing a Podiatry Practice | Podiatrist Marketing If you’re a podiatrist wondering how you can survive today’s medical environment, Rem Jackson explains what effective marketing can do.
  • Becoming A Member Becoming a member of Top Practices and working with Rem Jackson helps our doctors see actual results in their practices.
  • The Influence of Others in Top Practices Mastermind Group Who you spend time with can affect your attitude and how you reach your goals. Rem Jackson explains why you need to find the right people.
  • Tips on How to Tell a Story with Your Content People love stories, which is why they make great marketing tools. Rem Jackson explains how doctors can use stories in their own marketing.
  • Golden Era of Podiatry for Small Practices So-called experts predict an inevitable end for small practices, but Rem Jackson emphatically disagrees. He explains why now is the Golden Era.
  • Goal Worksheets for Marketing Podiatric Practices The Top Practices goal worksheets do actually work—we’ve seen it ourselves. Rem Jackson explains how and why they make a difference for practices.
  • Top Practices Partners for Medical Marketing Help Success is best achieved with the help of experienced professionals. Meet Top Practices' partners who help medical professionals achieve their goals.
  • Becoming Number One in Your Market Going in circles with your marketing? Do you feel like you're Number One in your market? Do you know what that means for you and your practice?
  • Podiatry Practice Success in a Challenging Environment Changes in medicine make it hard for podiatrists to have the practices they want. Rem Jackson explains how you can succeed in spite of this fact.
  • Avoid Common Marketing Mistakes If you had the chance to avoid mistakes by learning from others, would you really turn it down? Rem Jackson explains how Masterminding is that chance.
  • Definition of Success in Podiatric Practice Marketing People ask how to determine if a practice is successful or not. Rem offers his personal take on this important definition and how it can work for you.
  • How to Choose Content Topics that Work Feeling like you have nothing to write about? Don’t know what to say for your videos? Rem Jackson explains ways to help choose content topics that work.