An effective internal marketing program should always start with two essential pieces: your List and your organized database. Your List is a list of current patients—whether they are active, inactive, or really inactive. If you have potential patients’ information collected through an online contact form or from community events you’ve participated in, those people are on your list as well. Your organized database is the program you use to keep track of your List and arrange the people on it into relevant groups.

Once you have these two absolutely essential pieces established, you can begin an internal marketing plan that uses a variety of methods to connect with your list. You can send out e-mail blasts with information about your practice. You can add particular patients to relevant campaigns, so they receive automated letters, e-mails, postcards, etc. on a schedule. You can send out a monthly newsletter. Once you have your List and your database program in working order, your internal marketing plan take off and involves whatever factors you want.

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