External marketing is a one of the Four Marketing Pillars, and it uses a variety of sources other than the internet, word-of-mouth, and your marketing database to get your name “out there” in the community. How you find those sources is up to you and what’s available to you. It could be as simple as using print ads or submitting special articles to niche magazines or your local newspaper. You could contact your local radio stations and potentially run an ad or a special guest segment or interview on a radio show—and the same goes for local TV.

Another great way to build up your external marketing is to sponsor a local event or sports team. As an official sponsor, your name will be highlighted, possibly in official materials. For some events you might be able to set up a booth and meet with people in your community directly, allowing you to establish some relationships. Health fairs are another opportunity for you to meet with potential patients and highlight your services.

Ultimately, where you look for external marketing opportunities is up to you. It really depends on what’s available to marketing your name to your unique community. If you’re looking for more ideas, and really want to double down on a well-rounded marketing plan as a whole, contact us! Our Mastermind groups discuss this and other topics on a regular basis. Simply e-mail [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679.
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