Many podiatrists are struggling with their practices because a broken and indifferent medical system has all but abandoned them. At Top Practices, we work with you to fix your podiatry practice marketing and management so you can transform your practice and thrive. This is Rem Jackson, CEO and Founder of Top Practices. I'm delighted to introduce you to Dr. Andrew Schneider of Houston, Texas, who has been a Top Practices member since 2008.

Hi, my name is Dr. Andrew Schneider. I'm in private practice in Houston, Texas. And I first heard of Top Practices, oh, it was in 2008 or 2009. I was at a Texas Podiatric Medical Association conference. And this guy, Rem Jackson, was speaking. And I knew that as he spoke, that I had met a kindred spirit.

I already was interested in marketing my practice. I already had a website. I just wasn't doing as much as I could and he seemed to have the answers. So I filled out his simple one-page request for information, and I got a response back that  I could not join the group, because there was already someone in Houston, or the Houston area who had joined the group. And at the time there was exclusivity.  So I would reach out to Rem every so often saying, "Can I join now? Can I join now? Can I join now?" And the answer was no, until I was at another meeting, which I believe was an AAPPM meeting, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management.

In that meeting, Rem passed around books that we use for our marketing. And I happened to get the book for the person who was in the Houston area. I called him, asked him if he would mind. We were not in direct competition. And that's how I became part of the Top Practices group. Again,  before I was very interested in marketing, but it wasn't in my wheelhouse.

I didn't read as much as I read now about it. I wasn't exposed as much as Rem has exposed me to and I've taken what Rem has exposed me to and I've kind of gone on my own with finding new exciting ways to use it. Top Practices has been a game changer for my practice. It allows me to see more people and it allows me to enjoy what I'm doing.

It allowed me to market my practice into the practice that I wanted it to be, not the practice that I necessarily bought or had to be part of. It allowed me to market to people who I want to see, not necessarily everybody who has feet.  And, it's affected me personally from the friendships in the group itself. 

From my relationship with Rem, and his wife, Diane, to the ability to go home, and be done with my day and be able to spend time with my family, and that really is the icing on the cake for all this.  I would highly recommend Top Practices for any podiatrist, any practitioner who wants to 10x their practice. Who wants to make the practice work for them instead of them work for their practice. 

And there's no better guide on that journey than Rem Jackson and Top Practices. Life-changing professionally and life-changing personally.  Thank you, Rem. Thank you, Diane. Thank you, Tina. Thank you, Peter. And thank you, Dave. And everyone else on the Top Practices team, and Michele.

I just wanted to give my testimonial, which is very well deserved. And in case I  left any doubt, join Top Practices, I'm a raving fan. 
Andrew Schneider, DPM - Houston, TX


Thank you, Dr. Schneider for sharing so much inspiration and so many ideas to your fellow doctors through our Top Practices Mastermind Group network.

You can join Dr. Schneider and so many of your colleagues in the Top Practices Mastermind Group by simply completing the form on our website. Our Marketing Mastermind is the home base for podiatrists who are willing to do the work of marketing and managing their private practice so that they and their family, their staff and their patients can reap the rewards. And that ‘work’ really works, because all our members openly share their challenges, along with their ineffective and effective strategies. This helps other members learn the podiatry marketing moves they want to make…and those to avoid, so they don’t waste precious time. 

In short, the Top Practices Mastermind Group will only work for you if you’re ready to actively participate in and contribute to the group. So, if you’re willing to work, make changes, and invest in your practice marketing, reach out to us today and let’s talk about how our Marketing Mastermind Group can work for you!