I've been a member of Top Practices since 2008, for good reason. Being a member has transformed my practice and my life. Top Practices is so much more than a company that works with you on your practice marketing. That's certainly a big piece, but you'll have to look at the whole picture. Rem Jackson searches out the bleeding edge of what is making practices successful and then shares it with the group.

He then gets on monthly coaching calls to help you customize and implement it for your own practice. Rem takes the success of each of his members very personally, and it shows. Aside from marketing your practice and making sure your practice is successful, there's a strong focus on mindset. Whether it's leadership, a success mindset, or making sure your staff is working well together.

The mindset calls each month give you a reset to make sure you see your own. Rem signs off with dedicated to your success. That's the perfect mantra for Top Practices. Everything Rem and his company does is exclusively geared towards the success of his members. I'll continue to stay a member of Top Practices as my practice grows and expands.

That's because it's my association with Rem and Top Practices that has led to the growth and expansion.

Andrew Schneider, DPM - Houston, TX