You may know a bit about podiatry marketing. Heck, you might even have created what you consider to be a solid podiatry marketing plan. But if you’re not yet part of a Marketing Mastermind Group, your practice might be missing out on a world of growth potential. So, what the heck is a Marketing Mastermind, and why is it such an effective support tool for people who are marketing a podiatry practice? Keep reading to find out!

What is a Marketing Mastermind Group?

If you head to the dictionary, the term “Mastermind” is defined as a person with superior intellect. But at Top Practices, we know that we work better together, so we’ve created a group of motivated and creative private practice physicians who band together, leveraging Napoleon Hill’s classic business strategy presented in his title Think and Grow Rich, of striving for excellence through a regular “meeting of minds.”

When we get those minds to meet, their joint brain power forms our Mastermind Marketing Group. And membership allows each individual to brainstorm creative solutions to the common problems and challenges we all face in our podiatry practices. The result? Ideas and innovations that individuals could never imagine on their own. (Not sure what problems are most pressing for your podiatry practice? Take our quick and easy quiz here, to determine the health of your podiatry practice.)

Now, you may be thinking, that all sounds great, but could I really change the way my entire practice—and my life—operates, simply by meeting up with other podiatrists to share our tales of wins and woe? We know, it sounds like a lot to expect from a group of medical professionals. And yet…it really works. But, to understand how and why that’s the case, we’re going to let you peek inside the workings of our Mastermind Marketing Group, so you can understand why hundreds of podiatrists like you are joining…and to learn why you can, too!

Who Can Benefit from a Marketing Mastermind for Podiatrists?

So many people think that a Mastermind Marketing Group is for podiatrists who are farther along in their marketing journey. They envision intense meetings spent fine-tuning a podiatry marketing plan, or addressing the types of problems that face large, super-busy practices. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can AND SHOULD join a Marketing Mastermind Group if you want to:

  • Be part of a small, closely-connected and supportive network of like-minded professionals.

  • Learn and share strategies that help each member move forward, get unstuck, and knock your podiatry marketing numbers out of the ballpark.

  • Nail the basics of Top Practices’ Four Pillars of Marketing, including everything from internet and referral marketing for a podiatry practice to database marketing, copywriting, social media strategies and more.

  • Get solutions to those questions that have too long gone answered.

  • Gain the support of a group that knows what everyone else is going through.

  • Start seeing the number and quality of patients you want to see every day.

Remember, trying to “Lone Ranger” marketing your podiatry practice NEVER works. Has it worked yet? Probably not, if you’re still reading this blog post! And you can’t just read a book or watch a video to nail the art of podiatry marketing. In reality, none of us can do this without support and help from other people who are working on and through the same issues…which is exactly what you will find in a Marketing Mastermind group.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, why not hear from members of our Marketing Mastermind Group, like Dr. Andrew Schneider, a solo practitioner in Houston who says, “Rem Jackson takes the success of each of his doctors very personally, and it shows. I’ll continue to stay a member of Top Practices as my practice continues to expand and grow. That’s because it’s my association with Rem and Top Practices that has led to my growth and expansion.”

Or take what Dr. Dan Shanahan a podiatrist from Township, MI, has to say. He expresses, “My practice is running the best it had ever run, our financials are watched closely, I have the best, most engaged, and the happiest staff I’ve ever had. I have the most confidence I’ve ever had in our delivery of services.”

Now, before we continue, it’s really important that we stop and reflect on  Daniel’s words for a moment. Because successful podiatry marketing should be about building the practice you want to run—not the practice that looks successful to a professional three states over with an entirely different set of goals than your own. And, since one of our top goals here at Top Practices is take to your reality from “private practice is dead” to “I need better sunglasses; the future is so bright,” it’s our mission to help you identify your best path forward. And we do that whether you join a Marketing Mastermind, or take advantage of other services such as our Virtual Practice Management Institute, our ongoing group meetings and workshops, or even our private coaching program.

Of course, you could take advantage of one (or all) of these incredible services, each designed to help your practice thrive and to improve the ways in which you are marketing a podiatry practice. But, if you’re not sure exactly where to start, we’re here to make a case for joining a Marketing Mastermind Group. And here’s why it’s such an effective option.


Why the Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group Just Works

Are you still on the fence about joining our Mastermind Group? Still not certain how (or if) it really works? Well, here’s a little secret we’re ready to let you in on: the Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group works because it follows our proven, battle-tested “Four Pillars of Marketing” podiatry marketing plan, a strategy we hinted at earlier that is specifically designed to grow practices just like yours. 

What are those pillars? And why have they proven to be so successful, particularly for private practice podiatrists? Here’s a quick review of the pillars:

  1. Web-based marketing, which covers everything from your website, to social media, a professional blog, online videos, review sites, and Google search rankings. It helps you conquer SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and master Google Analytics to learn what works and what doesn’t, all in the name of becoming more visible when people search the internet for a “podiatrist near me.”

  2. Referral marketing addresses the art of receiving direct recommendations or medical referrals from local businesses or from other practitioners outside your specialty—think pediatricians, endocrinologists, and more. In our Marketing Mastermind group, top performers have shared some of their best ideas for earning referrals. And, whether it’s dropping off candy-filled prescription bottles or hosting lunch and learns, these ideas keep you top-of-mind for other doctors, so that you’ll be the first person they think of when a patient comes in with a problem they can’t resolve.

  3. Internal marketing uses both customer service and a list you create within your office to continually reach out to the people with whom you already have an established relationship. Using this pillar, you can build additional revenue without the cost of initial patient acquisition. And it keeps you at the top of your patients’ minds, so that they keep coming back again and again.  

  4. External marketing can include any external resource available, whether that’s coverage in a newspaper or magazine; an appearance on TV or radio; sponsoring an event; giving a public speech or more. This pillar establishes you—and your practice—as an important community presence, while building brand awareness and appreciation, along with a slew of new patient visits in the office.

Why are these pillars such an effective way to build a podiatry marketing plan? Together, they form the basis of a successful marketing strategy, because they are so comprehensive. In other words, they’re better together…just like the hundreds of podiatrists who join our Marketing Mastermind group. But here’s the deal. You can’t just invest in one or even two of these pillars. Because, to really make a difference in your practice, you need to push forward in all four areas of marketing.

Now, we know that feels daunting—especially if you’re a solo practitioner, trying to do it all on your own. But here’s the thing—if you join our Mastermind group, you won’t be doing it on your own. You’ll gain access to instantly implementable podiatry marketing ideas that cover all four pillars, and that have been proven to be effective for practices just like yours.

Even better? With our Mastermind group, members are not just leading one another. In fact, one of the key reasons that this group works wonders is because it’s guided by our coach—and Top Practices founder—Rem Jackson, who has been helping podiatrists grow their practices since 2007.

During his many years supporting podiatrists, Rem has watched private podiatry practice come under siege, with many continuing to predict its demise. At the same time, he’s supported and served an ever-growing group of doctors who understand that private practice continues to be their path to financial freedom, personal freedom, abundance, and fulfillment.

In fact, by joining the Mastermind Marketing Group, those doctors have been able to transform their offices into the profitable, efficient, and enjoyable practices they desire. Through ongoing support, and by building effective podiatry marketing plans as a unit, these podiatry professionals are filling their reception rooms…and they’re doing so with exactly the kinds of patients they want to see! More than that, this kind of success doesn’t require working around the clock. In fact, so many of our Mastermind doctors have reclaimed their nights and weekends. They’ve been able to stop working for their practice, and instead have shifted to a place where their practice works for them, allowing these members to better serve their patients, lead their staff, and care for their friends and families.


Come Home to our Marketing Mastermind Group

In short, our Marketing Mastermind is the home base for those podiatrists who are willing to do the work of marketing and managing their private practice so that they and their family, their staff and their patients can reap the rewards. And that ‘work’ really works, because all our members openly share their challenges, along with their ineffective and effective strategies. This helps other members learn the podiatry marketing moves they want to make…and those to avoid, so they don’t waste precious time. Plus, the learning happens in a supportive group environment that will still hold you accountable on your journey toward reaching ever-more-inspiring podiatry marketing goals!  In short, the Mastermind group energy is palpable as members learn from each other, build off of each other and set up their practices for real, difference-making growth.

Now, all these benefits come with a catch…the Top Practices Mastermind Group will only work for you as a medical professional if you’re ready to actively participate in and contribute to the group. So, if you’re willing to work, make changes and invest in your practice marketing, reach out to us today and let’s talk about how our Marketing Mastermind Group can work for you!

Not quite ready to rip off the band-aid and start leveling up on your podiatry marketing plan? Here are even more reasons to join us!


8 Reasons to Join Our Marketing Mastermind Group—Today!

  1. After an in-depth interview with our coach and founder, Rem Jackson, you will receive a personalized podiatry marketing plan to address the weaknesses in your practice and to build on your practice’s existing strengths.  
  2. You’ll get to join monthly “Mindset” calls that will help you set attainable personal and professional goals—and achieve them!
  3. Additional calls are available for auditing or for participation.
  4. Coach Rem will send you monthly emails for additional inspiration, support and accountability.
  5. As a member, you will gain access to the Top Practices ‘Members Only’ content-rich website, filled with detailed ‘how-tos’, inspirational ideas, expert recordings and so much more!
  6. Plus, you can email Rem as often as you want—and he’ll respond with guidance and immediately implementable ideas so you can hit the ground running, the very next day!!
  7. You even get free gifts, in the form of these valuable library additions: Rem’s “Podiatry Prosperity: How to Market, Manage, and Love Your Practice,” Dr. Peter Wishnie’s “The Podiatry Practice Business Solution” and Tina Del Buono’s “Truths from the Trenches” and Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge.”
  8. When you become a member of our exclusive group of podiatrists, you gain motivation, accountability, drive—and lifelong friendships!

Here is how Rem Jackson puts it:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and BELIEVE it can achieve.  The Believe part is the toughest.  Conceiving is easy, I can show you the possibilities. The Achieve part is actually the easiest. If my members truly execute and do what we coach them to do… it is impossible for it not to work. It works. 

Believe…each one of us has an internal story about what’s wrong with us. 100% of us. It’s very difficult  -almost impossible to break out of these mental chains. Impossible by yourself. 

But belonging to a group of like-minded people (a Mastermind Group) is a catalyst to activating your ability to believe and to hang in there while the work does its magic.

If you don’t join something of value, like the Top Practices Mastermind Group, I can predict your future with 100% accuracy - it will be what you have now or less.  But if you are ready to conceive and believe with us, I can’t predict your future because it is literally limitless."


All that lies between you and these incredible support tools for marketing a podiatry practice is the simple click of a button or call on a phone. Our Mastermind Marketing Group awaits, with all these benefits…and more! Call Dave Ryan at 717-725-2679, Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern, email him at [email protected], or fill out our general contact form for information about the many other ways we can support your very unique podiatry practice!

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