Foster Web Marketing

Foster Web Marketing is an essential partner to Top Practices because they create the most productive, profitable, and sophisticated websites in medical practice marketing.  Their proprietary back end system called DSS (Dynamic Self Syndication) enables Top Practices members to have a flexible and powerful internet presence and they know what is coming next online and make sure we are ready for it. They are the webmasters for Top Practices website and many of our top doctors.

                                     DPM Hiring

Without a well-trained staff it is impossible to achieve the goals you have for your practice. Finding the right people is a daunting task. Fortunately, Jay Henderson and DPM Hiring have taken the guesswork out of hiring people.  After hundreds and hundreds of truly successful hires, DPM Hiring is our “secret weapon” in making outstanding hiring decisions.  Our members have learned to ensure that their hires are DPM Hiring approved before they hire them.  Jay and his team will save you thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration when you are assembling the "A Team" for your practice


The American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management is one of the most valuable resources in podiatry. Its members are willing to open up their playbooks and share everything they know about managing a podiatry practice well.  No other group is so open and willing to show you how to succeed in private practice.  Top Practices is proud to be a corporate partner of the AAPPM. Our CEO and Founder, Rem Jackson, is a Fellow of the AAPPM and the recipient of the prestigious President’s Award for his contribution to Podiatry and is a popular speaker at their excellent national meetings.  Be sure to attend an AAPPM meeting soon.