When you market a professional medical practice online, everyone knows that you need a website. Everyone’s known that for quite some time. What is quickly becoming clear to most podiatrists is that increasingly large numbers of people are accessing their web content through mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. In some cases, analytics for websites show this can be well over half their traffic, and the trend is only growing.

This means it is now more and more essential for your web provider to be able to create multiple platforms to accommodate these mobile devices—mobile sites—while remaining consistently branded for your practice. So when someone accesses your site from their home computer or laptop, your content is formatted and displayed for a computer. However, if that person is using a smartphone, your website needs to recognize that this visitor is on a phone and respond differently so the visual design fits the screen on the device. This way your site is easy to navigate, no matter what.

If your web design doesn’t adjust for the type of device, and the website it displays is meant for a computer, it is virtually unusable for someone on a phone. The visitor has no reason to stick around and check out your content. It’s just too hard to read. They will leave almost instantly.

It’s different again for someone on a tablet. An iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Note, or any other high quality tablet has a big screen and features a phone doesn’t have. This affects how a user views and interacts with a website, which is different again from a computer. Your site needs to recognize that and reflect a design that actually fits the size and function of the devices people are using.

This means making sure your website provider is adept at putting together a fully-integrated, multiple-platform, responsive web design. Each platform needs to be user-friendly and integrate well with your social media, so visitors have easy access to everything from your site.

This hasn’t been important in the past, so if you’re just now hearing about the rise of mobile traffic and wondering how it affects you, that’s okay. But having a mobile site that can accommodate different devices is now essential. You cannot afford to ignore this. Otherwise you’ll simply have potential patients leave you behind in a matter of seconds. If you’d like to know more about how mobile sites benefit your practice, contact Lori Hibma, director of Top Practices’ Virtual Marketing Director Services, for more information. You can call (616) 931-1040, or e-mail [email protected] to reach her.

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