Michele Beckwith

Michele Beckwith

Administrative & Marketing Coordinator
  • Top Practices
  • 12237 Lost Treasure Ave. Las Vegas, NV
  • 717-626-2025

Michele has been working with Top Practices since 2014, and has many responsibilities! She serves as our fabulous customer service representative and Rem's assistant to keep him on track! She works closely with the book campaign and newsletter programs, so if you've ever ordered one of those, you've probably worked with her.

Michele is our resident tech expert and manages all of the systems we use and recommend at Top Practices. She maintains the information and resources in our massive Mastermind and Virtual Practice Management Institute member libraries, and our Top Practices website content. Michele is also the editor and manager of Rem's podcast, Prosperity & Something Greater.

Find out more about how Michele supports practices through private training sessions and marketing tech management.

More About Michele

Originally from Virginia, Michele currently resides in Florida. In Michele's spare time, she enjoys planning family trips—particularly trips to Disney World—with her husband and daughter.