Skip the Burnout

Ever Feel Like You’re Practicing in a Broken, Indifferent Medical System That Doesn’t Care About Your Success or Failure?

A system that has betrayed you, doesn’t care, and that isn’t going to save you. In fact, it’s actively working to make things worse?

You’re not alone. And this causes overwhelming challenges on almost every front: hiring, training, scheduling, financial management, even just getting paid.

At Top Practices, we believe that breaking faith with doctors is fundamentally wrong and everyone suffers for it: your patients, your staff, yourself, and even your family. No doctor should invest the time and money they’ve sunk into their career only to wonder when the rewards will finally appear.

This short course answers the following questions:

  • Do you know the metrics you need to understand to correctly manage your practice?

  • How can you change the culture of your practice to encourage your staff to excel without changing your staff?

  • What should your practice earn each and every hour you are open and in clinic?

  • What do podiatrists who run well-managed podiatry offices actually pay themselves?

  • How can you get control of your time and your schedule so you run it instead of it running you?

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