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It has become exceedingly clear to everyone that marketing on the Internet is now essential to having a reception room filled with exactly the kinds of patients you want. This work MUST be done, but doctors don’t have the time or the expertise to make this happen. That is why 3 years ago Top Practices created the Virtual Marketing Director Team, led by Lori Hibma. 

We hired them for you!

So IF you are a Top Practices member, we went out and hired and trained exactly who you are looking for.  We took away all the headaches of finding these people, training these people, and then MANAGING these wonderful people for you.

This sophisticated, talented team of people who know exactly how to market a medical practice, use Top Practices’ methods and work for our doctors every day to explode their marketing results.  They are completely trained in all aspects of marketing and copywriting for podiatrists.

 Here is just a sample of what the team can do for you:

  • Internet Marketing Evaluations and Audits
  • Media and Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Writing/Posting/Management
  • Content Writing for all your Internet Marketing
  • Review Site and Internet Listings
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Management
  • Branding and Design
  • Video Editing Services

You can find more at the Virtual Marketing Director Services section of the Top Practices Website, or you can call Lori Hibma at (616) 931-1040 to schedule a consultation to discuss the details and any questions you have.  As ALWAYS, with Top Practices, there are no long-term contracts that lock you up. Your Internet marketing is done month-to-month so that we can earn your business just as we now do for dozens of podiatrists who are members of Top Practices.

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