An essential part of every single podiatry practice, professional practice, business, and even big institution is its marketing. It has to have people and resources dedicated to it. A big mistake that many doctors make is thinking they have to do all of it themselves. A doctor should understand what is being done and receive regular updates about their marketing, but you, doc, should not be the one doing the heavy lifting.

So who should do all this work? That depends. You actually have options. There are four models that people use in their practices, some of which are better than others:

1. No Marketer. This is not the advised model, because if you have no marketer, you have no marketing. The work is simply not getting down. This means you’re not able to achieve your goals or grow your practice.

2. Full-Time Marketer. This is a staff person in your office whose job is dedicated to marketing your practice through all the available avenues. He or she handles all four pillars of marketing—web, referral, internal, and external. Around 20% of Top Practices’ members have a full-time marketer on staff.

3. Shared-Task Marketing. You don’t have a specific individual handling every aspect of your practice marketing, but multiple staff people use the skills they already have to contribute. Someone who is a good writer produces your content. Someone who is tech and web-savvy takes care of your website. Someone who knows social media monitors and uses your social media accounts. Someone who is bubbly and good with meeting people goes out into the community and builds relationships with your referral sources. Each task is carefully organized and divided out among the people who are good at it.

4. A Professional Service, like VMD Services. This is a team of people that aren’t in your office, but are working with you in some area of your marketing. They are already experts and can help in specific areas. Top Practices actually has a service like this for web-based marketing, called our Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) Services. It’s becoming increasingly popular and has made a positive difference for dozens of our members.

If you fall into the first category, that isn’t going to be enough. You’re not going to see the growth you want or achieve any of your goals. You don’t have to stay there, though. Let the Top Practices VMD Services team help you get your marketing efforts on track. If you’d like to know more, contact Lori Hibma by calling (616) 931-1040 or by e-mailing her at [email protected].

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