At Top Practices, we are dedicated to doing whatever we can to help medical professionals grow and reach their goals so they can live the kinds of lives they want to live. Part of doing that is offering tools and services to help doctors market more effectively—including our own Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) Services. Over the years, we’ve seen our VMD Services team help many doctors grow their practices through internet marketing. Still, we love it when one of those doctors comes out and tells us about their experience working with our team, and we’d like to share that with everyone.

Dr. Corey Fox from Massapequa Podiatry Associates, P.C. has been a member of Top Practices for a while now, working hard to grow and thrive when others told him private practice was dead. He has made great strides since becoming a member and has “no regrets” about staying out on his own instead of joining a larger group.

Just recently, though, he realized that his podiatry practice wasn’t coming out on top for internet searches about heel pain in his local area—instead, “a practice from four towns away was coming out on top. It irked me.”

He said, “I don’t use Twitter or any of that. I just use Yelp for restaurant reviews. I just became more aware of the importance of my internet marketing over time. Because of our practice name, we usually come out on top in organic search in our area…. I wanted to ‘hit it out of the park’ when it comes to internet searches.”

That’s when he turned to Lori Hibma and the VMD Services team: “I had them do an evaluation of my website and social media and all that. They showed me where my weaknesses were and what would really need to change—and I saw the light.” After that, he joined VMD Services and began making changes to how his practice markets online.

It’s already showing positive results: “Not a day goes by when I don’t hear feedback from people who found us on the internet. You know, you’ve gotta dig deep and really ask, well, how did you find me? For a lot of people, it’s that they liked my website or my Google reviews. I don’t really follow what everything is, I just hear about it, and it’s all positive.”

Our team has enjoyed working with Dr. Fox and are thrilled that he’s already seeing growth. If you, like Dr. Fox, have realized you’re not seeing the growth you’d like to see on the internet, our VMD Services might be exactly what you need. You can check out our application, or contact us today for more information by e-mailing [email protected] or calling (717) 725-2679.
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