A free book campaign can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool to increasingly bring in patients into your office over a period of many months. It’s a “slow drip” option that, unlike most forms of marketing, has a relatively high return on investment (ROI). It works by providing people with valuable information that answers their questions—in the form of the free book—in exchange for their contact information. After that, the campaign follows up with each person by continually providing them with additional useful information related to the book and the medical or cosmetic issues tied to it.

This campaign spans several months, as a potential patient goes through the decision-making process from investigating their medical concerns to deciding to do something about it. Typically this does take quite some time. By providing regular information through multiple mediums, you’re “there” for them every step of the way. You end up being the doctor they think of when they finally decide to take action and deal with their problem. Since a book is easy to pass along to friends or family, or even to recommend to others, it can easily spread as it slowly brings in new patients.

We’ve seen this working for doctors who really invest in promoting their book and make it a centerpiece in their marketing overall. This can definitely work for you, too. If you’d like to learn more about the Top Practices book campaigns, let us know. You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call us directly at (717) 725-2679.

Rem Jackson
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