You have one tool that is actually the single best offer you can make to the people in your community as a podiatrist. This offer has a high perceived value with a low perceived cost, which gives it a great chance of actually reaching people who will become patients. This offer is, of course, your book. If you aren’t using your book—or if you don’t even have one—you are missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools in your figurative tool belt, and thus missing profits.

See, the very best kind of marketing, particularly for a medical practice, is information. Throwing out your name and education, years of experience, and a list of services is expensive and doesn’t work. People have learned not to trust any professional business’ claims. Besides, the people who don’t care about their foot and ankle health will ignore you, while those who do care will still forget about you within minutes.

Top Practices Informational Booklets for PodiatristsYou want to reach the people who care about their feet and ankles, but not just one time: you need to reach out to them regularly so they eventually pick up the phone and make an appointment to see you. This is why your book is the very best offer you can make. A book is full of information that answers patients’ questions. It’s also seen as very valuable. Clearly you, as the expert and author, had to put time, effort, and knowledge into it. When something valuable is offered for free, people are far more willing to give you their name, address, and e-mail, so they can receive the book.

Once you have their information, you can begin that slow-drip process of regularly reaching out to a person in your area who is already interested in your information. We’ve seen this have a much, much higher conversion rate than the traditional ads and general internet marketing.

To make this your single best offer, though, you need to have a plan and procedures in place to market to these people on your list effectively once you have their information. Top Practices can help you both create this book and set up the tools you need. If you’d like to know more about these books, just contact us at [email protected] for more information. Not a member of the Top Practices Mastermind Group? Browse our website to see if we could be what you need to jump start your practice growth this year. 

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