I started Top Practices in 2007, after a 20 year corporate career in sales, marketing, product development, professional development - because I had realized that small businesses, like medical practices, were really struggling.

I started Top Practices because I had an idea that all of the things that I’d learned in business would be applicable to medical practices, and boy was I right. Most medical practices struggle from two big problems. One, they don’t market their practices well because no one ever taught them how to do it. Two, they don’t manage their practices well because again, no one ever taught them how to do it.

At Top Practices we focus on a systematic program to fill your reception room with exactly the kind of patients that you want, through really high-quality, and I would say out-of-the-box, marketing methods. Then, we take all of that activity and we pull it all together in a good practice management program so that you’re happy, so that your staff is not frustrated, so that you can do things that get you home and let you have the kind of life that you want, and basically just be a lot happier.

What I love the most about working at Top Practices is hearing our doctors say, ‘Thank you. Thank you because I’m no longer struggling. I’m no longer worrying about making the payroll. I’m no longer worrying about bringing all these charts home on the nights and the weekends. In fact, I really like the practice of medicine again. I know it’s complicated, I know it’s difficult, but you know what? It’s rewarding and I’m so glad I took this path.’

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC