Marketing your podiatry practice and achieving sustained, double-digit growth is achievable for every podiatry practice, and it doesn’t have to be frustrating. There are two ways that you can view the coming changes in podiatry.

  1. You can, as many do, see a future in which you have to work harder, see more patients, be paid less, and struggle just to maintain the levels you’re at now. OR
  2. You can view these upcoming changes as an opportunity. Possibly the greatest opportunity in your career to move your practice forward and build the practice you want, instead of accepting the practice that just continues to walk in the door.

The building blocks are all there if you’re willing to look.

Consider this: An aging population – the largest in the history of the human race. A growing epidemic of diabetes, and the fact that 1 out of 4 Americans will experience heel pain at some point in their lives, just to name two. The need for podiatrists is increasing every single day and so is the demand for your services. The question is: are you able to ensure that those people in your market who need your help are able to find you and come to the conclusion that coming to see you is their best option? Even better than the option than continuing to do nothing and suffer?

The reason that marketing is so frustrating for podiatrists is that they just aren’t doing it correctly. Many have just given up and decided that their work will speak for itself. By taking exceptional care of their patients, they believe that their reputation will grow and the referrals will come. The problem is, that you’ve put the growth of your practice in the care of a very unreliable group of people – your patients. Unless you’ve instituted a marketing system that enables your patients and everyone who is a potential referral source, they just don’t know how to make a good referral. Those doctors who are marketing are trying to put their best foot forward. Letting their market know about them, their experience, and their credentials, and the fact that they treat their patients like they would treat members of their own families. The problem is: no one in your market actually cares about these things and in fact, we typically don’t believe most of the marketing messages that we hear.

People can only focus on what is of concern to them. What they are intensely interested in are the worries and concerns that they express to you every day as you discuss with them why they’ve come in to see you. It is never the case that your prospective patients would wake up in the morning with this thought, “I think I’d love to learn about the podiatrist in my local area today. I wonder where they went to school. I wonder if they’re board-certified.”

It just never happens.

And yet hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent trying to make sure that this information is available to them every day. It is the case, however, that those same prospective patients wake up at 4:30 am obsessing over the worries and concerns that are keeping them up at night, wishing they could find a doctor that could give them exactly what they’re looking for. The Top Practices marketing system is a proven program that turns your marketing from frustrating to effective. At Top Practices, we change the game and we turn it around 180-degrees from where every other podiatry marketing program is focused. Using a simple four-step foundation program, and then marketing in four key areas:

  1. Web-based
  2. Referral
  3. Internal
  4. External

We’re able to find the people in your market that are already worried about their feet and their ankles and then to market intensively to these people and only these people. Your return on your investment dramatically increases, your schedule becomes filled with the kind of patients you’d rather be working with, and your bottom line becomes increasingly healthy and predictable.

Just request a copy of our free book, “Why Most Podiatry Marketing Doesn’t Work” to find out more, and about how we work with our members. Then fill out the Mastermind application to begin working with other successful podiatrists to achieve your goals and grow your practice.

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