Ever feel like you’re stuck on your own trying to figure out how to run a successful practice? That’s an isolating feeling, but a pretty common one, too. The good news is that you’re not actually alone. The better news is that you can work with others within a Mastermind group to dramatically change your practice management and marketing for the better.

What Is the Mastermind Group, Anyway?

The concept of a Mastermind group comes from Napoleon Hill, a business genius in the early 20th century. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill described a concept for a group of driven professionals within a field of business. The group meets regularly to discuss their challenges and brainstorm solutions, challenging each other to grow and do better. This idea has revolutionized the way many people do business.

Masterminding brings collaboration into the business process, allowing you to learn from others and get varying perspectives on your challenges and opportunities. It eliminates that sense of standing alone as you try to run your business—or in the case of the Top Practices group, your medical practice. Over the last several years, Rem Jackson has refined this concept and given it his own personal twist so that it fits the needs of doctors. It’s already proven very effective for hundreds of practitioners.

While some people think that sharing their issues or the strategies that worked for them is giving away their competitive edge, it simply isn’t true. The reality is that the process of masterminding tends to encourage others and creates new, better strategies for success than you might have imagined on your own. The more successful you are at masterminding, the more opportunities you develop for your practice.

Being a Successful Mastermind Member

Being part of a Mastermind group isn’t enough to be successful, of course. You have to actually invest in your group and participate to see the growth results you want. A soccer player can’t score a goal when he or she is sitting on the bench along the sideline. You have to be in the game and actually pursuing the ball—hard—to score. The Top Practices Mastermind Group is here to help you succeed, but you can’t passively show up and expect to see the kind of development that our passionate, all-in members are seeing in their own practices.

So how do you Mastermind successfully? You participate in everything you can. Top Practices Mastermind members have multiple opportunities to share and learn from each other, from large-group calls to open office hours. There are four conference calls Top Practices hosts every month: the twice a month Mastermind Calls, the once a month Mindset Call, and the once a month Marketing Directors Exchange. Make time to listen in and join the discussions that the best in the business are having. Members also have access to Rem Jackson and the Top Practices experts each month in regularly scheduled “open office hours” that you can call into and get help from your coaches. 

In addition to these great group activities, you can use the wealth of resources that Top Practices provides its many members. We have created the most comprehensive library of medical practice marketing in existence.  The Top Practices Library is packed full of ideas, how-to’s, and organizational tools designed, refined, and continually tested to help you.

This mastermind strategy has worked for hundreds of other professionals and it can work for you, too. You simply have to approach your Mastermind Group the right away. If you’re serious about investing in and growing your practice, and you’re willing to put in the effort to mastermind successfully, then check out our group application. You can also request more information by e-mailing us at [email protected] or calling (717) 725-2679. Hopefully we’ll meet you in the group soon.