All of medicine is changing dramatically. Record-keeping, coding, insurance, liability, government regulations, hospitals—all of these aspects of practicing medicine are changing and challenging doctors today. Even in the last decade, expectations of doctors have grown. What makes it even harder for you as a doctor is that, honestly, you didn’t sign up for this when you went into medicine. You went into medicine to help people and to treat their problems. You didn’t likely go into it to fill out paperwork, or to wrestle insurance companies for your reimbursements, or to fulfill government requirements for “meaningful use.” And yet, those are exactly the things doctors must deal with in practice today.

So now you find yourself in a world you did not sign up for, dealing with issues you didn’t expect. This is what we call the Great Disabling Distracter. Everyone around you at national conventions and in the medical community talks about how terrible these changes have made medicine, casting a cloud of negativity that distracts and disables you from learning how to adjust and get back to enjoying your practice. The problem is that focusing on the negatives keeps you from moving forward—ensuring you’ll just get more of the same.

There are really two ways to approach these changes: to worry and complain about how they are affecting your practice, or to see them as learning opportunities that can help you grow. Our goal at Top Practices is to enable you to grow and be Number One in your market. We’re already helping hundreds of podiatrists do just that. If you’d like more information, browse our website or contact us. You can call us at (717) 725-2679 or e-mail [email protected]

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