There is no risk involved for you. You don’t have to put in a deposit, sign a minimum-time contract—or any contract at all—or worry about fine print in an agreement. You can try out our Mastermind group at no risk to yourself. Membership with Top Practices also comes with what I call Rem Jackson’s Personal Super-Strength Guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the results you see and the value you receive, you can drop your membership at any time. There’s no hassle and no fuss for you; you simply let us know if you plan to cancel.

We believe so strongly in our methods and techniques, though, that we’re sure your practice really will grow and improve as a Mastermind group member. That’s why we have the super-strength guarantee. We have quite a few members who joined when Top Practices first launched in 2007 who are still with us today. We truly believe we can help you transform your practice into the one you want it to be. Since there’s no risk to yourself, don’t let uncertainty hold you back! Contact us for more information about membership with Top Practices. Just e-mail [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679.

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