Think about your experience in your own office. A patient comes in with plantar fasciitis, for example. You examine them and establish a course of treatment. You know that if they are compliant and they follow the treatment plan, they will eventually be healed. You will need to monitor them and based on their progress you may choose different methods to achieve the desired result. They will improve and get their mobility and their life back IF (and this is the big IF) they don’t stop following the treatment plan.

As you know, many patients don’t follow through with everything you’ve told them is essential to their health being restored. They don’t do the stretches, they don’t wear their orthotics. They will tell you how busy they are, how something didn’t INSTANTLY solve their problem and they assumed it wouldn’t work. They haven’t achieved the result they wish and now it’s your fault—not theirs.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. Well guess what?

Your plan wasn’t the problem – it can’t fail if it’s followed. Their lack of focus, interest, even faith is the problem.

It’s the Same with You and Your Practice

If you are presented with a plan that has worked for dozens and dozens and DOZENS of podiatrists all over North America like The Top Practices Marketing and Management Plan has, then just like your treatment protocols, it can’t fail. IT works—the only way it can’t work for you is if you DON’T WORK IT.

And let me very clear about this – The Top Practices Plan hasn’t worked for everyone who has joined Top Practices. Just as you have difficulty with your patients following your plan, we’ve had difficulty with some of our doctors following this plan.

So, if the plan works, the question really is: do you want to change your circumstances enough to give a real old fashioned serious attempt?

Is it time for you?

Rem Jackson
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