Limited Seat Mastermind Meeting

Registration: $2995
(See special pricing for Top Practices members below)

Register for this quickly if you are interested, there are only 20 seats.  

Red Rock Registration

Attending a meeting like this years ago changed the trajectory of Top Practices for me. Our Top Performer Group program is built with three of these per year and this kind of interaction has taken many, many practices to the next level and way beyond. It will really help you think differently and better and you will walk away with an actual plan to attack your SPECIFIC KEY opportunities and challenges. Bottom line: you’ll be happier and make more money. 

If you’re worried about your problems being too specific to your situation or just not interesting to other doctors, forget about that. Probably the number one thing that happens at these kinds of meetings is that you realize you’re not nearly as messed up as you thought you were. You realize almost everyone is dealing with VERY SIMILAR stuff. It will build your business confidence, and it will provide you with a plan (a runway) so you can launch your practice to where you want it to be so that it can serve you and fund your ideal lifestyle. Red Rock Casino

We will be preparing (I won’t overdo this, I promise) but I want you to come prepared to be able to answer specific questions about key numbers, staffing challenges, marketing, vision for your practice, your exit and your role, and even things like limitations such as office size. 

We will also be collecting some simple info from you and giving you a good idea of how your practice compares to other practices like yours and some of the Top Practices in the country.

What will happen is a very structured, but also free-flowing meeting designed to help you really get your Top 3 Should Do’s identified WITH a real plan to methodically solve them and move on. 

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All of this to help you get control of your schedule, yourself, your team, your cash, and your future.

The single most valuable thing I ever personally invested in was a Mastermind Meeting like this one. It can truly be that transformational.

Red Rock Canyon

So, want to join me and a small group of like-minded doctors like you for a weekend like that?

Significant others/Spouses may attend if they work directly with you in the practice (see registration form for more info.) If they aren’t directly working in the practice they may wish to come anyway. The Red Rock Casino is a world-class facility with a great pool and outstanding spa. Red Rock Canyon itself is only 5 miles away and a wonderful place to hike. And they are also invited to Diane’s and my home on Saturday night for a relaxing dinner with an amazing view of the entire Las Vegas Valley. Sometimes the best discussions and ideas happen around the fire pit.

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I know this is what some of you need and I know it will transform your practice and your life, in fact, I guarantee it.

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If you come and it isn’t worth it to you, I will refund your entire registration fee. I'll only ask one question - Why?

What do you say? There are only 20 seats and half are already taken. I have to cut it off at 20 or this won’t work as well. It's first-come, first-served. 

Special Pricing for Top Practices Members: $2395


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If not now…when?

Red Rock Registration

Don’t delay and have to wait until 2025.