Americans are guilty of this all the time. We see a tool or an appliance that we think would be useful and possibly even make our lives easier, so we buy it. But rather than open it up and learn how to use it so we can make the most of it right away, we let it sit in its box, waiting for the moment we really, truly need it. All that ends up happening, though, is that tool gathers dust in some closet. We might even forget we own it. This is a shame—and a huge waste of money. It’s an even bigger waste when you do this with valuable marketing tools like a book or book campaign.

A free book offer and accompanying campaign can be an incredibly valuable tool for growing that list of contacts who know you, trust you, and might refer others to you. It can also serve as a slow-drip tool for bringing new patients in the door by following them through their months-long process of deciding to seek care. If you don’t promote your book well so people know it exists and actually request it, though, it can’t do any of that for you.

Simply having the book and the campaign isn’t enough. People have to know that you have it and that it’s available to them as a free offer. Otherwise, how can they request it? Writing an informational book and then never letting people know about it is like buying a tool and putting it on a shelf, never to be used. It’s a huge waste of your time and resources.

People who are truly successful with a book campaign know how to promote it. At the very least, a book offer should be featured on your website. It should also be regularly highlighted through social media and even on display in your office.

Those aren’t the only ways you can promote your book, however. Doctors have brought it to running events and health fairs with a sign-up sheet for people interested in their own copy. You could even provide a few copies to your referral sources to keep in their offices or health stores. Be creative with how you promote your book—but don’t let it gather dust.

Offering a book is an excellent marketing tool, so don’t waste it by putting it on a figurative shelf where people don’t know how to get it. Make the most of it in other areas of your marketing, so you can really grow your database. Our Mastermind group discusses this other ways you can make the most of a book in your marketing. If you’d like to learn more about offering a book, or about joining Top Practices so you can boost your own practice growth, contact us! You can e-mail [email protected] or call us directly at (717) 725-2679.
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